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The 42X85 mattress is a standard twin size mattress, measuring 42 inches wide and 85 inches in length. It has the same dimensions as an XL Twin size bed, but it does not have the extra 5-6 inches of width that are found in an XL Twin. The mattress is usually used on bunk beds or trundle beds, as its smaller size makes it ideal for tight spaces.

Its shorter length also provides a more comfortable fit for those who do not need the full 85 inch length of a traditional Twin or Full Size Mattress. This type of mattress works well with both spring mattresses and foam mattresses, depending on the needs and preferences of the user.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress, the 42X85 Mattress is an excellent option. Made with high-quality materials, this mattress provides superior comfort and support to help ensure restful sleep. The top layer of foam contours to your body’s natural curves for personalized support while the pocketed coils provide targeted pressure relief in key areas.

With its perfect combination of comfort and support, the 42X85 Mattress is sure to give you a good night’s sleep every time.

42X85 Mattress


What Size is a 42X80 Mattress?

A 42×80 mattress is a full-size bed. It measures 4 feet by 6 feet 8 inches, making it suitable for one or two people to sleep comfortably. This size of mattress offers plenty of sleeping space while still being able to fit into smaller bedroom spaces.

The extra length makes this size mattress ideal for taller individuals who need more legroom than what would be offered with a traditional twin or queen-sized bed. Many popular brands offer mattresses in the 42×80 size and it is also available as adjustable beds for those needing adjustable comfort levels throughout the night.

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What Size Mattress Fits in a Kenworth T680?

The Kenworth T680 is a popular commercial truck, but its size and cab configuration can make it difficult to determine the right mattress size for a comfortable night’s sleep. Fortunately, Kenworth offers several mattresses that fit perfectly in the T680. The standard mattress size for this model is 38 inches by 80 inches, allowing you to easily find sheets and bedding of the same size.

If you want a larger mattress, there are also models available at 42 inches by 80 inches and 48 inches by 80 inches. Either way, your new mattress should fit snugly inside your T680 so you can get some well-deserved rest after long hauls on the road!

What Size is a Semi Mattress?

A semi mattress is a type of mattress that typically measures between 48 and 53 inches wide. This size is slightly narrower than a full-size or double mattress, which usually measure 54 to 75 inches in width. Semi mattresses are great for tight spaces, such as studio apartments where space may be at a premium.

They can also accommodate couples who don’t require the extra room offered by larger sizes. These mattresses provide enough support and comfort for both single sleepers and pairs alike, with many models offering memory foam construction for added cushioning. Whether you’re looking to furnish a small space or want an alternative to traditional beds, investing in a semi mattress could be the perfect solution!

Will Twin Xl Mattress Fit in Semi Truck?

When it comes to fitting a twin XL mattress into a semi truck, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think. While it is technically possible, due to the size of the bed and space limitations of the cab, this may not be your best option. A standard full-size or queen-size mattress will typically fit better in most trucks and would provide more sleeping comfort for those long hauls.

Additionally, if you are considering having two people sleep together in one cab, remember that mattresses designed for multiple people will require even more room. With all these factors considered, it’s likely that a twin XL mattress won’t fit comfortably inside your semi truck without some additional modifications or adjustments being made first.

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MATTRESS Reviews for Truckers

Odyssey Mattress Reviews

Odyssey Mattress reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with customers citing the mattress as being both comfortable and supportive. Many report that they sleep better and experience less aches and pains after switching to an Odyssey Mattress. Customers also praise its durability and long-lasting quality.

With a 10-year warranty included, it’s easy to see why many people choose Odyssey for their sleeping needs.


In conclusion, the 42X85 Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sleeping experience. It provides a supportive and comfortable surface that can help improve sleep quality and alleviate pain in pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and lower back. Its breathable material helps keep you cool during hot nights while still providing enough warmth when needed.

For those who want to invest in a mattress that will last many years of use, the 42X85 Mattress is worth considering.

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