Amara Pillow Top Mattress – Luxurious Sleep for Restful Nights

The Amara Pillow Top Mattress is a luxurious mattress with a unique combination of comfort and support. It features an advanced coil system that provides superior cushioning, while its extra-thick pillow top gives it a plush feel. The mattress also utilizes memory foam technology to provide better pressure relief, as well as enhanced breathability for improved temperature regulation.

Its individually wrapped coils promote independent movement and reduce motion transfer between sleep partners, allowing you both to get the best night’s rest possible. Additionally, this bed comes in multiple sizes so there is something for everyone. With high quality construction and materials used throughout, the Amara Pillow Top Mattress will ensure you have sweet dreams every single night!

The Amara Pillow Top Mattress is an ideal choice for those looking for a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. Featuring a plush pillow top layer of memory foam, this mattress provides superior support while also conforming to your body’s natural curves to reduce pressure points and provide optimal comfort. Additionally, the mattress boasts individually wrapped coils that work together with the high-density foam base to offer exceptional motion isolation and contouring properties.

With its breathable fabric cover made from eco-friendly materials, you can be sure that you’ll sleep cool and soundly all night long!

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Amara Pillow Top Mattress


Is a Pillow Top Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

A pillow top mattress is an ideal choice for side sleepers. Its plush cushioning offers comfort and support to the body and helps provide pressure relief for hips, shoulders, and other areas that often come in contact with the bed. Additionally, a pillow top mattress can reduce motion transfer from one side of the mattress to another allowing for less disturbance throughout the night.

It also provides extra insulation which keeps you warm during colder nights so you can get an uninterrupted restful sleep.

Is It Better to Have a Pillow Top Mattress?

When it comes to deciding what mattress is better, pillow top mattresses are an excellent option for those who prioritize comfort and support. Pillow top mattresses offer a softer feel than traditional innerspring mattresses due to the extra layer of foam between the springs and your body. This extra layer provides additional cushioning, allowing you to sink into the mattress while still providing enough support that your spine remains properly aligned throughout the night.

Additionally, pillow top mattresses tend to be more durable since they don’t sag as much as other styles of mattresses over time. They also come in a variety of firmness levels so you can find one that fits your individual needs perfectly.

What is the Difference between Pillowtop And Eurotop?

Pillowtop mattresses feature an extra layer of cushioning material on the top, usually made from memory foam or latex. This provides a softer and more plush feeling than traditional mattress tops. Eurotop mattresses have a similar design but with two layers of cushioning material instead of one.

The result is an even softer, plusher feel that also offers superior support for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface. Both pillowtop and eurotop mattresses can provide comfort and great body contouring capabilities, however the eurotop generally gives you more comfort options as it allows for adjustable firmness levels depending on your needs.

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What is the Life of a Pillow Top Mattress?

A pillow top mattress offers a luxurious sleeping experience with its thick and soft cushioning. The pillow top is made up of several layers of foam, latex or other materials that provide additional comfort on top of the innerspring support system. Pillow tops typically last between 6-10 years with proper care, including rotating it every three months to ensure even wear and tear.

While these mattresses are known for their superior comfort and longevity, they do require more maintenance than traditional mattresses due to the extra padding layer that tends to collect dust mites and body oils over time. To maintain your pillow top mattress’s lifespan, you should vacuum off excess dirt regularly as well as use an encasement cover for protection against bed bugs, dust mites and allergens.

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Overall, the Amara Pillow Top Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a supportive and comfortable mattress. Its combination of layers provides optimal support while its breathable materials helps keep you cool throughout the night. With its 10-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial, purchasing this mattress comes with peace of mind knowing that if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return or exchange it without any hassle.

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