Arms of Morpheus Mattress

The Arms of Morpheus Mattress is a premium mattress brand that offers luxury beds and sleep accessories. It is designed to provide the best possible comfort and support for your body while you sleep. The company’s signature product is its hybrid mattress, which combines memory foam, pocketed coils, and latex layers for superior pressure relief and breathability.

The bed also features a unique self-venting system that helps regulate temperature throughout the night so you don’t overheat or get too cold. Additionally, Arms of Morpheus mattresses are handcrafted in the USA using only the highest quality materials with attention to detail given to every stitch and seam. All their products come with an impressive 20 year warranty—one of the longest warranties available on any mattress today—giving customers peace of mind when purchasing from this luxurious brand.

The Arms of Morpheus mattress is an incredibly luxurious memory foam mattress that provides superior comfort and support no matter what position you’re in. Featuring layers of cooling gel-infused memory foam, individually pocketed coils, and a plush quilted cover with cooling technology, the Arms of Morpheus mattress ensures that you enjoy restful sleep night after night. With its unique design and combination of materials, this mattress offers unparalleled pressure relief for your body while also providing excellent ventilation so you stay cool throughout the night.

Whether you’re a side sleeper or prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, the Arms of Morpheus promises to provide the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Arms of Morpheus Mattress



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What is the Structure of the Arms of Morpheus Mattress

The Arms of Morpheus mattress is a hybrid construction with layers of memory foam, latex, and individually wrapped coils that work together to provide superior support and comfort. The top layer consists of 3” of proprietary Cool Comfort Gel Memory Foam that contours to your body while maintaining airflow for temperature regulation. Beneath it lies 2” of responsive Natural Latex which provides bounce and responsiveness as well as pressure relief on joints.

Finally, at the core are 8″ independently encased pocketed coils which evenly distribute weight across the surface while reducing motion disturbance between partners. This combination creates a comfortable sleeping experience that cradles your curves without feeling too soft or stiff.

The Arms of Morpheus Mattress is a Hybrid Design That Combines Two Layers of Foam With Individually Pocketed Coils for Maximum Comfort And Support

The Arms of Morpheus mattress is a hybrid design that combines two layers of foam with individually pocketed coils for maximum comfort and support. The top layer consists of 3 inches of memory foam, which contours to the body’s curves and helps relieve pressure points. This layer also provides temperature neutrality and breathability by regulating heat away from your body while still providing cushioning.

Underneath this is 7 inches of individually encased coils, which provide targeted support exactly where it’s needed while absorbing motion transfer across the entire surface area. This combination creates an incredibly comfortable sleep experience that balances softness with firmness. Additionally, the hybrid design makes this mattress perfect for couples who have different preferences—the memory foam cradles one partner close while the coils provide firmer support to another.


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How Long Does It Take to Break in the Arms of Morpheus Mattress

Typically, it takes about 3-4 weeks for your body to adjust to the Arms of Morpheus mattress. During this time, your muscles and joints will gradually adjust to the new support system that the mattress provides while also becoming more accustomed to the comfort layers. As you continue using the mattress after this initial break-in period, you should notice improved sleep quality and better overall satisfaction with its performance.

If you’re not feeling any difference after four weeks of use, contact customer service as there may be an issue with either construction or materials used in manufacturing.

Generally, It Takes Approximately 30 Days for You to Fully Adjust to Your New Bed As Your Body Gets Used to the Unique Feel And Support Offered by Its Design

Getting a new bed can be an exciting experience, and it’s natural to want to enjoy the benefits of your improved sleep environment right away. However, it usually takes at least 30 days for you to adjust fully to your new bed as the body needs time for its muscles and bones to get used to the feel and support offered by its design. During this period, you may still wake up feeling stiff or sore in certain areas due to your body not being accustomed yet with the mattress’s comfort level.

To help speed up this process, try sleeping on different sides of the bed each night so that all parts of your body are equally exposed and supported by the mattress. Additionally, paying attention to how long you spend in each position while sleeping can also help ensure that no one area of your body is overstressed during this adjustment period.


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Does the Arms of Morpheus Mattress Come With a Warranty

Yes, the Arms of Morpheus mattress does come with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and provides you with peace of mind that your mattress is protected against premature wear and tear. The warranty also includes free repair or replacement if there are any issues, as well as protection from sagging greater than 1 inch during the first 10 years of ownership.

Additionally, Arms of Morpheus stands behind their product by offering a 30-night sleep trial to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase before fully committing to it.

Yes, This Mattress Comes With a 10-Year Limited Warranty That Covers Any Manufacturing Defects Or Product Issues Caused by Normal Wear And Tear Over Time

This mattress is backed by a 10-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind for those who purchase it. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or product issues caused by normal wear and tear over time. This means that if you experience any problems with your mattress due to these factors, the manufacturer will replace or repair it at no cost to you.

Not only does this provide assurance that the product is of high quality, but also provides protection in case anything should go wrong down the road. The 10-year limited warranty gives customers confidence when choosing this particular mattress model!

Arms Of Morpheus by Lyric Deep

Arms of Morpheus Meaning

The Arms of Morpheus is a symbol that appears in Greek mythology and has become popularized in modern culture. It represents the arms of Morpheus, the god of dreams, who was said to have had two wings on his back. This symbol can be interpreted as a reminder that we have the power to choose our own destiny and our fate is within our control.

Additionally, it serves as a reminder for us to never lose sight of our dreams and strive for greatness.


The Arms of Morpheus Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking to experience the comfort and relaxation of a high-end mattress without breaking the bank. It offers support, cooling technology, and quality construction making it a great buy overall. Not only does it provide exceptional comfort but also comes with an industry leading 10 year warranty ensuring customers peace of mind in their purchase.

With its outstanding features and reasonable price tag, the Arms of Morpheus Mattress is definitely worth considering for any bedroom upgrade.

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