Ashcreek Mattress – A Comfortable and Supportive Sleep Solution

Ashcreek Mattress is an American mattress retailer that specializes in eco-friendly mattresses. They offer a wide selection of natural and organic mattresses, as well as other products such as pillows, sheets, bedding accessories and more. Ashcreek makes their mattresses with all-natural materials like latex foam, wool batting and cotton fabrics to create beds that are both comfortable and safe for the environment.

Their mattresses come in various sizes including twin, full, queen, king and California King sizes so customers can find the perfect fit for their bedrooms. All of their products are also backed by generous warranties which guarantee quality construction free from defects or malfunctions. With options like free shipping on orders over $100 and 100 night risk-free sleep trial period offered on select items customers can rest assured they’ll receive great value when choosing Ashcreek Mattress to meet their needs.

Ashcreek Mattress is an online mattress brand that specializes in providing quality mattresses at a great price. Their mattresses are designed to provide superior comfort and support, while also being incredibly durable. Not only do they use high-end materials like latex and memory foam, but each mattress is individually crafted with attention to detail for the perfect fit for any body type or sleeping preference.

With free delivery, 100-night trial period, and 10 year warranty, Ashcreek Mattress offers unbeatable value and convenience for those looking for a great night’s sleep.

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Ashcreek Mattress


Q: What Types of Mattresses Does Ashcreek Mattress Offer

At Ashcreek Mattress, we offer an array of comfortable mattresses to suit all kinds of sleepers. Our mattress collection includes foam and hybrid models available in a variety of sizes that are designed with the highest quality materials to provide maximum comfort and support. We have memory foam mattresses featuring innovative cooling technology for a refreshing sleep experience, as well as our plush pillow-top hybrids for those who prefer a softer feel.

In addition, we also carry adjustable beds which can be customized to your exact needs for optimal comfort and relaxation. Ultimately, no matter what type of sleeper you are or what kind of mattress you’re looking for, Ashcreek Mattress has something for everyone!

Q: How Long is the Warranty on an Ashcreek Mattress

Ashcreek Mattress offers a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty begins on the date of purchase and is valid for 10 years, so long as the mattress has been used with an appropriate foundation or adjustable base. During this time, Ashcreek Mattress will repair or replace your mattress at no cost to you if it is found to be defective due to faulty material or craftsmanship.

In order to take advantage of this warranty coverage, customers must retain their original proof of purchase.

Q: Does an Ashcreek Mattress Require Special Care Or Maintenance

No additional care or maintenance is required for an Ashcreek mattress. To ensure maximum longevity and performance, it’s important to follow the manufacturer instructions that come with the mattress. This includes rotating your mattress every 6-8 weeks and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or excessive moisture.

In addition, if liquid spills occur, clean up promptly using a mild detergent and cool water before air drying thoroughly. Finally, when moving or storing the mattress make sure it’s placed in a dry environment free of dust mites and other allergens.

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Sealy Posturepedic Plus Innerspring Mattress CollectionEXPLAINED by

Sealy Ashcreek Medium King Mattress

The Sealy Ashcreek Medium King Mattress is a luxurious yet affordable mattress that offers exceptional comfort and support. It features an advanced foam core designed to keep you cool while sleeping, as well as a convoluted memory foam top layer that contours to your body for pressure relief. For added support and durability, the mattress also includes individually wrapped coils with edge-to-edge coverage.

The Sealy Ashcreek Medium King Mattress provides unbeatable comfort at an excellent price point, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an indulgent sleep experience.


In conclusion, Ashcreek Mattress offers a great selection of mattresses that are made with quality materials and provide superior comfort. With their wide range of mattress sizes, styles, and prices to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect mattress for your sleeping needs. Their customer service is also excellent; they make sure that their customers have all the information they need before making their purchase.

With options like free shipping and no-hassle returns, Ashcreek Mattress is an ideal choice for anyone looking for luxurious sleep at an affordable price.

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