Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Mattress: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Support

The Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Mattress is an ideal mattress if you are looking for a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface. This mattress features individually pocketed coils to provide tailored support, foam layers for added comfort, and gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool during the night. It also has AirCool vents that allow air to flow freely through its construction, keeping the mattress from feeling too warm or stuffy.

The medium firm feel makes it suitable for all sleep positions – back, side and stomach – allowing everyone in your family to get their best night’s sleep. Its plush top layer provides extra cushioning while still providing plenty of support. The Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Mattress is perfect if you’re looking for a quality mattress at an affordable price.

The Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support. It features a hybrid design that combines pocketed coils, foam, and soft memory foam to provide an enhanced sleeping experience. The individually wrapped coils reduce motion transfer while providing targeted support where you need it most.

Additionally, the mattress has a medium firm feel that helps relieve pressure points for better sleep quality and alignment. With its luxurious feel and superior construction, this mattress is sure to become your favorite place to relax after a long day!

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Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Mattress


Does Beautyrest Make a Medium Firm Mattress?

Yes, Beautyrest does make a medium firm mattress. The Beautyrest Silver BRS900-C Medium Firm Mattress is designed to provide the perfect blend of comfort and support for side sleepers, back sleepers, and those who prefer a mix of both sleeping positions. This mattress features 1” of AirCool® Gel Memory Foam that conforms to your body shape while helping to keep you cool throughout the night.

Additionally, this mattress has 805 individually wrapped coils that are designed to reduce motion transfer and contour precisely along the curves in your body while providing extra support where needed most. It also comes with an additional layer of Comfort Response™ Latex foam that provides plush cushioning as well as enhanced breathability which helps create a cooler sleeping environment.

What are the Different Levels of Beautyrest Mattresses?

Beautyrest mattresses come in a variety of levels, tailored to meet the needs and preferences of different types of sleepers. The entry-level models include Beautyrest Hybrid, Black L Class, Silver Hybrid, and Platinum Hybrid. These models are good for those looking for basic comfort without spending too much money.

The mid-range options include Beautyrest Silver BRS900-C Extra Firm, Beautyrest Recharge Ultra Plush Pillow Top or Luxury Firm Mattress and the high end includes the top-of-the line Black K Class with exclusive technologies such as T3 Pocketed Coil Technology, SurfaceCool Plus Fiber to help disperse heat away from your body during sleep and AirFeel foam that cradles you in comfort while providing support where you need it most.

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Who Makes Harmony Mattresses?

Harmony mattresses are made by a company called Nature’s Sleep, based in South Florida. Founded in 2002, Nature’s Sleep has grown to become one of the premier mattress brands in the US and is known for their high-quality memory foam mattresses. The Harmony line from Nature’s Sleep consists of three models – the Dreamer, Core Support and Supreme – that all feature advanced cooling technology with unique comfort layers designed to provide superior pressure relief and support along with a luxurious feel.

All Harmony mattresses come backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

What is the Best Beautyrest Mattress for Side Sleepers?

The Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Ultra Plush Mattress is the best mattress for side sleepers. This hybrid mattress combines pocketed coils with foam layers to provide superior pressure relief and support for your hips and shoulders. The plush pillow top layer provides exceptional comfort, while the high-density memory foam contours to your body shape.

Additionally, this mattress features motion isolation technology that helps reduce partner disturbance during the night by absorbing movement from one side of the bed to the other. With its combination of comfort, support and motion isolation, it’s no wonder why this Beautyrest model is considered a great choice for side sleepers!

Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm | Expert Review

Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Reviews

Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm mattress reviews provide a great insight into the quality and comfort of this mattress. Customers report that this mattress provides medium-firm support, with gentle contouring for pressure relief and superior motion transfer for couples who share the bed. It is also praised for its durability, making it a good option for those looking to invest in a long lasting product.

The temperature neutrality of the materials used make it an ideal choice for hot sleepers, providing cool nights even during warmer months.

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The Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Mattress is an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable, supportive sleep experience. It offers superior support and comfort due to its unique construction and design. With its medium-firm feel, it can be customized to fit any sleeping style or body type.

The quality materials and craftsmanship ensure a lasting product that will provide you with restful nights of sleep for years to come. If you’re looking for a mattress that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support at an affordable price point, the Beautyrest Harmony Maui Medium Firm Mattress is definitely worth considering.

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