Sleep Better with Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo

Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo is a mattress brand created by Carolina Mattress Guild, a family-owned business that has been creating quality mattresses since 1956. The company prides itself on its commitment to providing customers with the best mattress experience possible. Its Bamboo line of mattresses are made with high-quality materials and designed for maximum comfort and support.

They feature an all natural bamboo cover which is breathable and cool to sleep on, as well as multiple layers of foam padding for superior pressure relief. Additionally, this mattress collection also comes with a 20 year warranty so you can rest easy knowing your purchase will be protected long term. With Carolina Mattress Guild’s commitment to customer satisfaction and amazing craftsmanship, their Bamboo series promises optimal sleeping experiences night after night.

Carolina Mattress Guild’s Bamboo mattress is an excellent choice for those looking for a luxurious, eco-friendly sleep experience. It features a bamboo-infused comfort layer that provides superior support and breathability to keep you cool while you sleep. The mattress also boasts a cooling foam layer that helps regulate temperature and reduce motion transfer so you can enjoy undisturbed rest.

With its natural materials, hypoallergenic construction, and generous warranty coverage, the Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo mattress is sure to provide years of comfortable restful nights!

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Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo


Q: What Type of Material is Used to Make Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo Mattresses

The Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo mattresses are made with a combination of natural, eco-friendly materials. These include certified organic cotton and wool fabric quilted over a 100% natural latex core. The mattress also features layers of breathable bamboo fibers that provide superior comfort and temperature regulation, as well as resistance to moisture buildup.

Additionally, the mattress is encased in an anti-microbial cover for added protection from dust mites and other allergens.

Q: Is the Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo Mattress Hypoallergenic

Yes, the Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo mattress is hypoallergenic. This mattress features a natural bamboo fiber cover that helps to repel dust mites, pet dander and other allergens. The core of this mattress also contains CertiPUR-US certified foam made without any harmful chemicals or heavy metals, making it an ideal choice for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

Additionally, this mattress comes with an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent bacteria growth as well as an allergen barrier cloth lining to provide extra protection against allergens entering the bedding system.

Q: Does the Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo Mattress Require Any Special Care

Yes, the Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo mattress requires special care to ensure a long life and optimal performance. To keep your mattress in good condition, it is important to rotate it every 3-6 months so that all areas of the mattress receive even wear and tear. Additionally, you should also use a waterproof protector over the top of your mattress for added protection from spills and stains.

Lastly, make sure to vacuum or spot clean any debris or dirt that accumulates on the surface with an upholstery attachment; refrain from using any strong cleansers as these can cause damage to the fabric cover.

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To Keep Your Mattress in Its Best Condition, We Recommend Spot Cleaning When Necessary And Rotating Your Mattress Every Three Months to Maximize Its Lifespan

Spot cleaning your mattress is a key part of the process to keeping it in its best condition. Spot cleaning should be done when necessary, such as after spilling something on the bed or if you notice any stains or spots. This can help to prevent long-term damage and keep your mattress looking fresh and clean.

Additionally, rotating your mattress every three months can also help to maximize its lifespan. Rotating your mattress helps with even wear over time and prevents sagging from forming in certain areas which could lead to premature deterioration. Both spot cleaning and regularly rotating your mattress are essential for maintaining optimal conditions for optimal comfort and longevity.

Carolina Mattress Guild

Carolina Mattress Guild Website

The Carolina Mattress Guild website is an excellent resource for anyone looking to buy, sell, or research mattresses. The site offers detailed information on the different types of mattresses available as well as expert advice and reviews from real customers who have purchased products from the site. Additionally, visitors can find information about all of their mattress options, including pricing and delivery details.

With a great selection and top-notch customer service, Carolina Mattress Guild makes it easy to get the perfect mattress for your needs!


In conclusion, Carolina Mattress Guild Bamboo is a great mattress option for those looking for quality sleep and comfort. It has a variety of features that provide superior support, cooling capabilities, and pressure relief. The mattress also comes with generous warranties and customer service options to ensure satisfaction.

Overall, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current sleeping situation or seeking the perfect mattress in general.

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