Get the Best Sleep with Gravity Mattress

A drive gravity mattress is a type of mattress that provides superior support and comfort by combining the principles of both traditional foam mattresses and adjustable air beds. This type of mattress consists of two layers – a base layer made from high-density polyurethane foam, and an upper layer consisting of multiple air chambers. The air chambers are designed to provide users with customizable firmness levels, allowing them to adjust the level of support they receive from their mattress according to their own preferences.

Additionally, this combination design helps reduce motion transfer between partners while sleeping, providing superior comfort for couples who often move in different directions throughout the night.

The Drive Gravity Mattress is revolutionizing the mattress industry with its unique features and comfort. Its innovative design combines memory foam, lumbar support, and cooling gel technology to provide maximum support for your body while you sleep. The mattress also utilizes a special air-flow system that helps keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night so that you can get a comfortable, restful sleep.

With its advanced construction and superior quality materials, this mattress is designed to give you the best sleeping experience possible.

Drive Medical Gravity Beds


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What Kind of Materials are Used to Make the Drive Gravity Mattress

The Drive Gravity Mattress is made from a variety of materials that are designed to provide superior comfort and support for sleepers. The mattress features a top layer of breathable, gel-infused memory foam that conforms to your body shape, allowing you to sink in for enhanced pressure relief. Beneath the memory foam is a supportive base layer constructed with high-density polyfoam that helps keep the mattress stable and reduces motion transfer between partners.

For added comfort, there’s also an extra 1″ of quilted fiberfill covering the entire surface of the mattress. All these layers are then wrapped in a soft knit fabric cover that creates an inviting look and feel while providing additional temperature regulation throughout the night.

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The Drive Gravity Mattress is Made With a Combination of High-Density Foam And Breathable Fabric, Making It Supportive Yet Comfortable for a Good Night’S Sleep

The Drive Gravity Mattress is designed to provide superior comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. This mattress consists of high-density foam that contours to your body, providing you with the perfect balance of comfort and support. Additionally, the breathable fabric helps keep you cool throughout the night by allowing air to circulate freely.

The combination of these materials allows for optimal pressure relief while still providing enough firmness for proper spinal alignment. So no matter what position you prefer sleeping in, this mattress will provide ultimate comfort and support all through the night!


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How Long Will a Drive Gravity Mattress Last

The longevity of a Drive Gravity Mattress depends on the type of mattress and how well it is cared for. The average life expectancy for an innerspring mattress is about 8 years, while memory foam mattresses can last up to 10 years or more. A quality Drive Gravity Mattress with proper care will typically provide comfortable sleep support and good body alignment for at least 7-8 years; however, if you rotate the mattress every six months and use a mattress protector, your Drive Gravity Mattress could last even longer than that.

With Proper Care And Maintenance, the Drive Gravity Mattress Can Last Up to 10 Years Or More! It Comes With an Industry-Leading 25-Year Limited Warranty So You Can Rest Assured That Your Mattress is Built to Last

The Drive Gravity Mattress is a great choice for those looking for long-term comfort and durability. With proper care and maintenance, it can last up to 10 years or more! To help ensure the longevity of your mattress, try to rotate it every few months so the pressure points don’t become unevenly distributed.

Additionally, investing in a quality mattress protector can help keep dirt and dust away from the interior components of your mattress. Finally, its 25-year limited warranty provides an extra layer of protection should any defects arise while you own it. All these features make the Drive Gravity Mattress an excellent investment that will provide years of restful sleep.

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Is the Drive Gravity Mattress Compatible With Adjustable Bed Frames

Yes, the Drive Gravity Mattress is compatible with adjustable bed frames. The mattress is designed to be flexible and conforms easily to the shape of any type of base or frame. It has a thick foam layer that provides extra support and contouring for sleepers, which makes it an ideal choice for use on an adjustable bed frame.

Additionally, its breathable construction helps keep you cool while sleeping and ensures a comfortable night’s rest no matter what kind of base you have your mattress on.

Drive Gravity Mattress


Drive Gravity 9 Mattress

The Drive Gravity 9 Mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support. It features a medium-firm sleeping surface, with multiple layers of high density foam to provide optimal pressure relief while still remaining supportive throughout the night. Its unique design also helps to reduce tossing and turning by providing even distribution of body weight across its entire surface.

The mattress also includes a breathable cover to help regulate heat and moisture, ensuring that you get a comfortable sleep all night long.

Drive Gravity 7 Mattress

The Drive Gravity 7 Mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support. Its unique design features a top layer of breathable memory foam over a supportive base layer of adaptive foam, providing superior pressure relief that contours to your body for an optimal sleep experience. Additionally, its cooling technology helps regulate temperature for greater comfort throughout the night.

With its 10-year warranty and 100-night trial period, you can be sure that the Drive Gravity 7 Mattress will provide you with years of restful sleep.

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Drive Bariatric Mattress

A Drive Bariatric Mattress is designed to provide optimal pressure relief, comfort and support for larger individuals. It’s constructed with high-density foam layers that are longer, wider and deeper than traditional mattresses, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience. The mattress also features a reinforced border to provide extra stability while sitting or getting in/out of bed.

Additionally, the mattress cover is made from an anti-bacterial and fluid resistant material that is easy to clean and maintain.

Drive Mattress

Drive Mattress is a revolutionary new type of mattress that offers superior comfort and support. It features an advanced design that combines memory foam with individually wrapped coils to deliver exceptional pressure relief, motion isolation, and body alignment. The mattress also comes with a 20-year warranty for peace of mind, making it one of the most reliable mattresses on the market today.

Drive Foam Mattress

Drive foam mattresses are made from high-quality memory foam and provide excellent support for back pain relief. The mattress is designed to contour to your body’s curves and relieve pressure points, so you can wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Its multi-layer construction helps with air circulation, reducing heat retention throughout the night.

It also comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. Drive foam mattresses are perfect for those who need extra support in their sleep without sacrificing comfort!

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Long Term Care Mattress

Long term care mattresses are designed to provide comfort and support for those who need extra assistance with their daily activities. These mattresses typically feature an anti-microbial, waterproof cover that can be easily wiped down for easy cleaning and maintenance. They also often have multiple layers of foam or gel which help to reduce pressure points and keep the sleeper comfortable throughout the night.

Long term care mattresses are a great option for elderly individuals who require extra support while they sleep, as well as people recovering from surgery or injury.

Bariatric Mattress Dimensions

When deciding on the right mattress for bariatric patients, it is important to take into consideration their physical needs. The ideal mattress size for bariatric patients should be at least 36 inches wide and 80 inches long. This provides enough space to comfortably accommodate a larger body type while providing adequate support and pressure relief.

Additionally, a thicker mattress will provide more comfort and support than thinner mattresses, so consider choosing one that is 12-14 inches thick if you have the room in your bed frame or adjustable base.


In conclusion, the Drive Gravity Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a good night’s sleep. The mattress offers all the comfort and support you need while eliminating motion transfer so you can wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. With its breathable materials, cooling technology, and helpful customer service team, this mattress provides everything you could want in a bed.

So if you’re looking for an affordable yet supremely comfortable sleeping experience that will last for years to come, then look no further than this fantastic invention from Drive Medical!

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