Dunlopillo Retreat Mattress

The Dunlopillo Retreat Mattress is a superior mattress designed to provide luxurious comfort and exceptional support during the night. It features an advanced pocket spring system and layers of natural latex foam for enhanced cushioning. The mattress also offers cooling gel technology which helps keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night, allowing you to sleep soundly without being disturbed by any external temperatures.

The breathable material used in its construction ensures that air circulates freely within the mattress, giving it a refreshing feel. This makes it ideal for those who suffer from allergies or asthma as well as providing optimal comfort when sleeping on hot summer nights. With its excellent build quality and superior materials, the Dunlopillo Retreat Mattress provides unparalleled levels of sleep satisfaction each and every night.

The Dunlopillo Retreat Mattress is a luxurious mattress that promises superior comfort and relaxation. Constructed with advanced memory foam technology, this mattress provides excellent support for your spine while ensuring maximum pressure relief. The soft-touch fabric and ventilated system provide increased air circulation to keep you cool all night long, while the bounce back feature keeps you comfortable without sacrificing durability.

On top of all these features, the Dunlopillo Retreat Mattress also comes at an affordable price point so everyone can enjoy its benefits!

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Dunlopillo Retreat Mattress


How Long Should a Dunlopillo Mattress Last?

A Dunlopillo mattress is designed to last for 8-10 years, depending on the model and how well you look after it. With regular maintenance such as turning and rotating your mattress every 3 months and using a suitable mattress protector, not only will you be able to extend its lifespan, but also keep it in optimum condition for longer. Additionally, the Dunlopillo range of mattresses come with a 5-year guarantee which allows you to have peace of mind should anything go wrong during that period.

What Happened to Dunlopillo?

Dunlopillo is still a major player in the mattress industry, but its ownership has changed over the years. For much of its history, Dunlopillo was owned by BTR plc (British Tyre & Rubber), until it was acquired by Airsprung Group PLC in 2004. Since then, new management has been working to bring back some of Dunlopillo’s classic designs and styles while also introducing modern technologies to their products.

Today, Dunlopillo continues to offer top-of-the-line mattresses that combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge design and materials for superior comfort and support.

Are Dunlopillo Still Made?

Yes, Dunlopillo mattresses are still made. The company has been in business since 1929 and they continue to produce high-quality mattress products using their patented Talalay latex foam technology. They have a wide selection of mattresses designed to fit any type of sleep needs, ranging from firmness levels that cater towards those who prefer a soft sleeping surface all the way up to very firm options for heavier individuals or back pain sufferers.

Furthermore, their superior product construction ensures that each mattress is durable and long-lasting with excellent support throughout its lifespan.

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Who Has Taken Over Dunlopillo?

In 2016, Dunlopillo was acquired by the Bridgewater Group, a British firm that specializes in manufacturing and distributing bedding products. The acquisition enabled Bridgewater to expand its portfolio of mattress brands and enter into new markets with Dunlopillo’s strong reputation for comfort and quality. Today, Dunlopillo is operated as an independent brand within the group, continuing to manufacture mattresses using its original Talalay latex technology for superior durability and support.

While under the ownership of Bridgewater Group, Dunlopillo has continued to innovate its product offering through new materials such as memory foam layers combined with natural fillings like wool or cotton.

Do You Need to Turn a Dunlopillo Mattress?

Yes, you should turn your Dunlopillo mattress regularly to ensure even wear and tear. Turning the mattress every 3 to 6 months will also help prevent any areas of sagging or indentations developing over time. This is especially important if you are using a single-sided Dunlopillo mattress, which does not need turning but benefits from regular flipping in order to redistribute bodyweight evenly throughout the sleeping surface.

Additionally, it’s important to rotate your Dunlopillo mattress 180° periodically (every 3-6 months) for maximum comfort and longevity.

What is a Dunlopillo Mattress?

A Dunlopillo mattress is an innovative and luxurious sleeping solution that combines advanced comfort technologies with a classic design. This mattress features latex foam and layers of supportive memory foam, providing superior pressure relief and support for your body while you sleep. It also has a unique breathable cover to keep the temperature regulated throughout the night, ensuring maximum comfort no matter the season or time of year.

With its durable construction and use of natural materials, this mattress provides years of healthy sleep without compromising on quality or performance.

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Dunlopillo Mattress Reviews

Dunlopillo mattresses are highly rated by customers, with many praising their comfort and overall quality. Reviews often mention the pressure-relieving foam layer which contours to your body, providing a restful sleep experience. Customers also appreciate the mattress’s breathability and durability, noting that it remains comfortable even after years of use.

All in all, Dunlopillo mattresses provide excellent value for money and come highly recommended by both satisfied customers and industry experts alike!


Overall, the Dunlopillo Retreat mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. Its innovative design features high-quality components that are specifically designed to provide superior comfort and support. The mattress’ combination of memory foam layers, pocket springs, latex foam layer and quilted cover work together to create a unique sleeping experience that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed each morning.

With its generous 10 year guarantee, the Dunlopillo Retreat Mattress offers great value for money as well as peace of mind knowing it’s built to last.

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