I Heal Mattress

I Heal Mattress is a unique mattress that is designed to help improve your body’s natural healing process, reduce pain and inflammation, and restore balance in your body. The mattress uses innovative technology to provide support for the spine and joints while providing pressure relief for sore areas. It also features an adjustable base with massage options, cooling gel memory foam layers, and supportive foams that are all designed to maximize comfort throughout the night.

I Heal Mattress also includes a 10-year warranty so you can be sure of its quality construction. With its combination of advanced technologies and comfortable materials, this mattress provides the perfect sleeping environment for those who suffer from chronic pain or just want improved sleep quality overall.

I Heal Mattress is a revolutionary product designed to help people get the best night’s sleep possible. It provides individualized support and comfort with its patented technologies, allowing users to customize their mattress for an optimal sleep experience. The mattress also features cooling gel technology that helps regulate body temperature, helping you stay cool throughout the night.

With I Heal Mattress, you can finally rest easy knowing that your sleep is being taken care of in the most personalized way possible!

I Heal Mattress

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Q1: What Types of Mattresses Does I Heal Mattress Offer

I Heal Mattress offers a variety of high-quality mattresses to meet your individual needs. Their collection includes memory foam, hybrid, latex and adjustable air beds crafted with premium materials that provide superior comfort and support for any sleep style. Their memory foam mattresses are available in both standard and gel varieties, each designed to contour to the body for pressure point relief and deep restful slumber.

Hybrid mattresses feature pocketed coil technology combined with layers of plush cushioning for optimal spinal alignment and motion isolation. Latex beds are constructed from natural or synthetic rubber for an all-natural sleeping experience that’s hypoallergenic and breathable. Last but not least, their adjustable air bed models allow you to customize firmness level so you can get just the right amount of support throughout the night without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

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Q2: How Long is the Warranty on an I Heal Mattress

The I Heal Mattress provides a 10-year limited warranty, which covers any physical defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use. This warranty is transferable to the original purchaser, and applies only to mattresses purchased from an authorized retailer. The warranty also covers sagging of 1/2 inch or greater as well as indentations and body impressions deeper than 3/4 inch when measured by an approved dealer’s measurer.

If you experience any of these issues within the first 10 years of ownership, I Heal will repair or replace the mattress at their discretion, free of charge for parts and labor.

Q3: Are I Heal Mattresses Designed With Safety in Mind

Yes, I Heal mattresses are designed with safety in mind. The mattresses are constructed with a patented two-layer foam construction that is breathable and hypoallergenic. This construction ensures that the mattress can provide superior comfort while helping to reduce odors, dust mites and allergens.

Additionally, they are CertiPUR-US certified which means they have been independently tested and certified to meet rigorous standards for content, emissions and durability. Furthermore, their foam cores feature an anti-bacterial coating that helps prevent mold growth. All these features ensure your sleep environment is safe and healthy while providing you maximum comfort during sleep time.


Immersus Mattress

Immersus Mattress is a hybrid mattress designed to provide excellent comfort, support and temperature regulation. It features layers of cooling gel memory foam, individually wrapped coils, and supportive latex foam that provides contouring pressure relief while ensuring proper spinal alignment. The mattress also includes an advanced breathable cover for added air flow.

Its unique design helps reduce motion transfer and provides superior edge support for an undisturbed sleep experience every night.

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This blog post has given us insight into the world of I Heal Mattress, a company that is committed to providing customers with quality mattresses that are both comfortable and affordable. It has also highlighted their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. With their focus on innovation, customer service and quality products, it’s no wonder why I Heal Mattress is quickly becoming one of the leading mattress retailers in its niche market.

They have proven themselves to be a reliable source for high-quality products at great prices, making them an obvious choice for anyone looking for better sleep solutions.

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