Inch Chime Elite King Mattress: Sleep in Peaceful Bliss

The Inch Chime Elite King Mattress is a luxury mattress that offers comfort and support. It features an advanced comfort layer system with individually wrapped coils for targeted support, along with foam layers for cushioning. The mattress also has a breathable fabric cover to help keep you cool while you sleep.

This mattress is designed to provide superior pressure relief and contouring so that you get the best night’s rest possible. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it perfect for those who want quality sleep without compromising on comfort or durability.

The Inch Chime Elite King Mattress is a luxurious mattress that will provide you with the best night’s sleep. It features exclusive comfort layers, individually wrapped coils, and 5 zones of support for maximum comfort. The mattress also has an edge-to-edge foam encasement that ensures your body is fully supported from head to toe while sleeping.

With its superior materials and craftsmanship, this king size mattress provides ultimate relaxation and restful sleep every night.

Inch Chime Elite King Mattress


Who Makes the Chime Mattress?

The Chime mattress is expertly designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., the world’s largest home furnishing manufacturer. Founded in 1945, Ashley has grown to become a premier global producer of bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, occasional tables and more. In addition to strong traditional craftsmanship values and an extensive product selection that includes mattresses like the Chime line-up, Ashley also utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing processes to meet customer needs around the world.

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How Long Does It Take for a Chime Mattress to Inflate?

Inflating a Chime mattress typically takes between 8 and 10 minutes, depending on the size of the mattress and how much air is already in it. The inflation process can vary slightly from model to model, but most Chime mattresses require you to unroll them out of their box before connecting an electric pump that inflates the foam layers inside. Once connected, it typically takes about 4-5 minutes for the air to fill up each layer until your mattress is fully inflated.

As with any new bedding purchase, be sure to read all instructions carefully before using your inflatable mattress so you get best results!

Where is Chime Mattress Made?

Chime mattresses are made in the USA, specifically in South Carolina. The company is headquartered in New York and has strong ties to local vendors, ensuring that all materials used for their mattress production come from US-based suppliers. All of Chime’s products are tested by independent third-party labs for quality assurance.

Every mattress is handcrafted with individually wrapped coils and CertiPUR-US certified foams, making them not only comfortable but also incredibly supportive and durable.

How Much Does Chime Mattress Weigh?

The Chime mattress is a popular model from Mattress Firm and typically weighs around 57 pounds. This is due to its construction with high-density polyurethane foam layers, individually encased coils and a soft quilted top layer. The mattress is designed to provide support while still being lightweight enough to move when necessary.

The heavy-duty design of the mattress ensures that it can withstand regular use for many years without becoming worn or less comfortable over time.

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Chime Elite Mattress Reviews

The Chime Elite mattress is highly rated among customers for its superior comfort and support. Customers report that the mattress provides excellent pressure relief, especially in the hips and shoulders, while still offering a firm level of support. They also highlight how quickly they fall asleep on it due to its supportive yet soft feel.

Many rave about how well it contours to their body shape, which helps them stay comfortable throughout the night. Overall, customers are very pleased with their purchase of this luxurious bedding option!


In conclusion, the Inch Chime Elite King Mattress is an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience. It offers superior comfort and support thanks to its advanced memory foam construction and cooling gel layer. Its unique design ensures that your body will be cradled in comfort all night long, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

With a 10-year warranty and easy setup process, this mattress is sure to provide years of restful sleep.

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