Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep with Jenna Mattress 14 Inch

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch is a hybrid mattress that combines the contouring comfort of memory foam with the support of individually pocketed coils. This mattress offers cooling and breathability due to its two-inch layer of gel memory foam, which helps evenly distribute your body weight and reduce pressure points. Its steel coil base provides extra durability and support while still being lightweight and easy to move if needed.

The Jenna 14 Inch also has an additional one inch layer quilted into the cover for added plushness. It comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, so you can rest assured knowing you are covered should any issues arise during this time period.

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch is the perfect mattress for those looking for a supportive, comfortable sleeping surface. With its combination of memory foam and pocket springs, this mattress provides excellent contour support while making sure that you stay cool throughout the night. The additional layer of latex helps to provide extra air circulation and pressure relief.

This mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty so you know it will last through all your nights of restful sleep!

Jenna Mattress 14 Inch

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What Type of Mattress is the Jenna Mattress 14 Inch

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch is a hybrid mattress featuring cooling gel memory foam and individually wrapped innerspring coils. It has a medium-firm feel that provides balanced support for sleepers of all sizes and styles. The mattress features three layers: 2 inches of cooling gel memory foam, 8 inches of individually pocketed coils, and 4 inches of high-density base foam.

This combination creates an ideal balance between pressure relief, comfort and support for the entire body. Additionally, the Jenna Mattress is CertiPUR certified which means it does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or flame retardants; providing you with peace of mind knowing your mattress is safe to sleep on every night.

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch is a Memory Foam Mattress That Combines Traditional Comfort Layers With Cutting-Edge Cooling Technology to Provide Superior Support And Pressure Relief

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch is a luxurious and comfortable memory foam mattress that provides superior support for your body at night. It features four layers of high-quality foam: soft comfort layer to provide cushioning, medium transition layer to reduce motion transfer, firm supportive base layer to prevent sinking in, and top gel memory foam cooling layer with advanced cooling technology. The combination of these layers offers excellent pressure relief while keeping you cool throughout the night.

Additionally, it has an 8” profile which allows air flow and breathability through its open cell structure, helping to regulate temperature levels so that you can sleep better and wake up feeling rejuvenated.


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How Much Does the Jenna Mattress 14 Inch Cost

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch costs $1,199 for a queen-sized mattress. This medium-firm mattress is made with layers of CertiPUR-US® certified foam and a hybrid pocket coil system that provide support and comfort. It also features edge support to reduce motion transfer between sleepers, cooling gel memory foam which helps keep you cool during the night, and an antimicrobial cover which prevents dust mites and other allergens from gathering in your bed.

With free shipping and a 120-night trial period, this mattress provides great value for its price tag.

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch Costs $699 for a Queen Size Mattress

The Jenna Mattress 14 Inch is a great value for the money, offering an affordable option for those looking to upgrade their sleep experience. The mattress is made with layers of high-density foam and individually pocketed coils that provide support while conforming to your body’s natural curves. It also has a breathable cover that helps regulate heat so you stay cool throughout the night.

Additionally, it comes with a 10 year warranty, ensuring long lasting comfort and durability. For just $699 you get ultimate comfort and quality in one package – all without breaking the bank!

Prices May Vary Depending on the Size You are Looking For, So Please Check Our Website for More Details And Pricing Information

At our website, you will find a wide variety of sizes available to suit any budget. We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to size, and we are proud to offer prices that vary based on the size you choose. To get an exact price for your desired size, please take a look at our website and view all the pricing information available.

Our team is also always on hand to answer any questions or provide more details about sizes and prices so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance finding the perfect product for your needs.

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Is There a Warranty Included With My Purchase of the Jenna Mattress 14 Inch

Yes, the Jenna Mattress 14 inch comes with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use of your mattress for up to 10 years from the original purchase date. It does not cover damage caused by improper care, improper handling, negligence, abuse, or unapproved repairs.

If you experience an issue covered under this warranty within the specified time frame, contact Jenna directly and they will repair or replace your mattress at no additional cost.

#11 upgrade our bed! Modway by Jenna 14” hybrid bed

Jenna Mattress Website

Jenna Mattress is an online mattress company that specializes in providing quality, affordable mattresses and sleep accessories. They offer a wide range of bed sizes, models, and styles to suit all sleeping needs. Their products are engineered with advanced technology to provide optimal comfort and support.

Plus, they also offer free delivery on orders over $100 and a 100-night trial period so customers can try out the mattress before committing to it.


This Jenna Mattress is a great choice for anyone looking to improve the quality of their sleep. It offers excellent support and comfort, as well as being made with durable materials that are designed to last. The mattress also comes in multiple sizes so you can find one that fits your sleeping needs perfectly.

With its affordability and all the features it provides, this mattress is an ideal choice for those who want to get better rest at night without breaking the bank.

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