M69741 King Mattress: Quality Sleep Guaranteed

The M69741 King Mattress is an orthopedic mattress that offers superior support and comfort. It features a unique combination of individually pocketed coils, memory foam, and latex to provide the ideal balance between firmness and softness. The mattress also has cooling technology with temperature-regulating materials that help promote airflow which helps keep you cool while sleeping.

It also features reinforced perimeter edges for additional edge support when sitting or sleeping on the edge of the bed. The quilted cover gives it a luxurious feel while providing extra cushioning for added comfort. All in all, this king size mattress provides exceptional quality, value, and long-lasting durability at an affordable price point so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep every night!

If you’re looking for a mattress that offers the perfect balance of comfort and support, the M69741 King Mattress is an excellent choice. This luxurious king-sized mattress features a combination of latex foam and gel memory foam layered on top of individually pocketed coils to provide superior pressure relief while still offering firmness. The breathable and supportive design helps ensure a comfortable sleep environment, while its durable construction ensures it will last through years of use.

Whether you’re seeking an upgrade to your current bed or just want something more comfortable than what you have now, this king mattress is sure to exceed your expectations.

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M69741 King Mattress

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Q: What is the Size of the M69741 King Mattress

The M69741 King Mattress is a luxurious mattress designed with comfort and support in mind. It measures 80 inches wide by 76 inches long, making it the perfect size for couples. The mattress has 12″ of premium foam layers that provide contouring support and pressure relief along with an extra-thick pillow top layer for added cushioning.

This mattress also offers a firm edge system to prevent roll offs or sagging on the side, allowing you to enjoy your sleep without disturbance from your partner’s movements throughout the night.

Q: What Type of Material is Used in the Construction of the M69741 King Mattress

The M69741 King Mattress is constructed with a variety of materials, including high-density foam for the base and comfort layers. The mattress also features an ultra breathable layer to promote airflow, as well as a cooling gel memory foam top layer for added pressure relief and comfort. The mattress cover is made from soft knit fabric that provides temperature regulation and moisture wicking properties to keep you cool throughout the night.

This combination of materials makes the M69741 King Mattress both supportive and comfortable.

Q: How Much Does the M69741 King Mattress Weigh

The M69741 King Mattress weighs approximately 130 pounds. It has a 12-inch depth and is made of premium materials like foam, latex, and cotton for optimal comfort. This mattress also features a quilted cover with Cool Comfort™ technology to keep you cool while you sleep.

Additionally, the mattress boasts individually wrapped coils in each of its five layers that contour to your body shape for added pressure relief and support. Finally, this king size mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches making it an ideal size for larger bedrooms or couples who enjoy snuggling up together when sleeping.

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Ashley 12 inch Chime Hybrid Mattress Review

12 Inch Ashley Hybrid King Mattress Reviews

The Ashley Hybrid King Mattress is a 12 inch mattress with layers of foam, coils, and gel-infused memory foam for superior comfort. Reviews of the mattress have been overwhelmingly positive, citing its ability to provide pressure relief and support in all sleeping positions. Customers also appreciate that it minimizes motion transfer between partners and has an adjustable base option for added convenience.

All in all, the Ashley Hybrid King Mattress is an excellent choice for couples looking to upgrade their sleep experience.


In conclusion, the M69741 King Mattress is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their mattress. Its combination of comfort and support features make it an ideal option for those who want both a good night’s sleep and lasting durability. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, which guarantees its quality over time.

The price point makes it a great value compared to other mattress options on the market today.

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