Get the Best Sleep with Malouf 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

The Malouf 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is a high-end, hybrid mattress that combines the best of both worlds with an innerspring construction and memory foam comfort. It features individually wrapped coils for targeted support, along with a layer of gel memory foam for cooling and pressure point relief. The mattress is encased in a breathable knit cover that helps regulate temperature and promote airflow.

This hybrid mattress also offers superior edge support to help you sleep comfortably from corner to corner. With its balanced combination of contouring cushioning, extra lumbar support, and resilient bounce, this medium feel mattress provides optimal spinal alignment throughout the night so you can wake up feeling refreshed every day.

The Malouf 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is the perfect combination of softness and support, making it the ideal choice for sleepers who want a plush yet supportive sleeping surface. This mattress utilizes individually-wrapped coils to provide optimal contouring while still maintaining pressure relief. It also features quilted foam layers that offer superior comfort and breathability, as well as edge support for stability no matter where you’re laying on the bed.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious night’s sleep or are simply in search of an affordable mattress option, this hybrid mattress from Malouf is sure to meet your needs!

Malouf 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress


Is a 10 Hybrid Mattress Good?

A 10 hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for sleepers seeking a combination of comfort and support. Hybrid mattresses are designed to provide all the benefits of both innerspring and memory foam, meaning they have individually pocketed coils that conform to your body’s shape while providing superior motion isolation and pressure relief. Additionally, hybrid mattresses typically feature layers of foam or latex over the coils as well as other specialized materials such as cooling gels or cotton batting for additional breathability and temperature regulation.

As a result, 10-inch hybrids offer great value since they provide excellent cushioning along with plenty of bounce.

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How Many Inches Should a Hybrid Mattress Be?

The ideal thickness for a hybrid mattress depends on personal preference and sleeping style, but generally ranges from 10 to 14 inches. Hybrid mattresses constructed with multiple layers of foam, latex, and/or coils typically range between 11-14 inches in order to provide adequate support while still allowing the sleeper to sink into the comfort layers. If you prefer a firmer surface that offers more support without sinking too deeply into the bed, then an 8 or 10 inch hybrid is likely your best option.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Any Good?

Hybrid mattresses are a great choice for many sleepers because they offer the benefits of both innerspring and foam construction. Hybrid mattresses provide excellent support due to the combination of coils and layers of foam, which helps eliminate motion transfer and adds comfort. Hybrid models also typically feature cooling materials like gel memory foam or latex that can help keep you cool throughout the night.

Plus, hybrid mattresses often come with edge support that prevents sagging over time, as well as a longer expected lifespan than other mattress types. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an all-in-one mattress solution with superior comfort and support features, then a hybrid is worth considering.

Where are Malouf Mattresses Made?

Malouf mattresses are made in the United States, with many components sourced from around the world. The company emphasizes quality control and durability by constructing each mattress at its own factory in Utah. Malouf uses CertiPUR-US certified foams that have been tested for safety, performance, and environmental impact.

The company also offers a variety of eco-friendly materials such as natural latex, organic cotton coverings, plant-based memory foam and soybean-based base foams to ensure their products are safe and sustainable for customers. All Malouf mattresses come with a 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind when investing in your sleep experience.

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Malouf Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Malouf Hybrid Mattresses have been highly praised in reviews for their combination of comfort and support. They feature a layer of individually wrapped coils, which provide excellent pressure point relief while also offering support to the body’s natural curves. Additionally, the mattresses are made with an advanced cooling system that helps regulate temperature and keep sleepers cool throughout the night.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder why Malouf Hybrid Mattress Reviews consistently praise these mattresses!


In conclusion, the Malouf 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable mattress with excellent comfort and support. It has been designed to provide superior motion isolation, breathability, and temperature regulation. Its hybrid construction of pocketed coils and memory foam make it perfect for all sleeping positions.

With its 100-night sleep trial period, you can be sure that you are making the right choice when investing in this mattress without any risks.

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