Mt Rogers Mattress – Your Key to Better Sleep

Mt. Rogers Mattress is a family-owned business located in Wytheville, Virginia. The company was founded by the late Bill and Mary Rogers in 1948, and it has been specializing in handcrafted mattresses ever since then. Mt. Rogers offers a wide variety of options for customers to choose from including, latex foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses and traditional spring mattress models.

All of their products are made with high quality materials such as natural wool and cotton fibers that provide superior comfort and durability. They also offer customized sizes for each mattress type so customers can get the perfect fit for their bedroom layout. Additionally, they have an extensive selection of pillow tops that can be added to any mattress model for extra comfort or support if needed.

Lastly, Mt. Rogers proudly stands behind all of its products with a lifetime warranty on labor and materials used during construction which makes them one of the best choices when searching for your next mattress purchase!

Mt Rogers Mattress is a great choice for those looking for an affordable mattress that doesn’t lack in comfort and quality. Mt Rogers mattresses are designed with superior construction and craftsmanship, providing you with the ultimate sleeping experience. Their mattresses feature plush layers of foam, cooling technology, and supportive coils to ensure that every night’s sleep is comfortable and restful.

Not only do they provide exceptional value for your dollar, but their commitment to customer service makes them stand out among other mattress brands. Whether you’re looking for a luxury mattress or something more budget-friendly, Mt Rogers Mattress has the perfect solution to give you a good night’s sleep!

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Mt Rogers Mattress



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What Materials are Used to Make Mt Rogers Mattresses

Mt Rogers mattresses are made from a variety of materials including 100% pure natural Dunlop latex, certified organic cotton, wool and natural coconut husk. This combination provides superior comfort and breathability for a luxurious sleeping experience. The core is engineered with high-density foam that contours to your body shape for increased support.

Finally, the mattress is encased in a quilted cover of soft yet durable fabric for added cushioning and protection against dust mites. All materials used in Mt Rogers mattresses are certified by Oeko-Tex as free from harmful chemicals or substances so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a safe product when investing in one of their beds.

Mt Rogers Mattresses are Made from a Combination of Individually Pocketed Coils And Foam Layers, Including High-Density Foams for Supportive Comfort And Cooling Gel Memory Foam for Additional Pressure Relief

Mt Rogers mattresses are designed to provide a superior level of comfort and support. Each mattress is constructed with individually pocketed coils that respond independently to the contours of your body, providing customized support throughout the night. In addition, each mattress includes multiple layers of foam for additional pressure relief and comfort.

The top layer consists of high-density foams for supportive cushioning, while a cooling gel memory foam is added beneath it for additional temperature regulation and pressure point relief. Together these features make Mt Rogers mattresses an ideal choice if you’re looking for a mattress that will provide long-lasting comfort and support.


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How Long Does a Mt Rogers Mattress Last

A Mt Rogers mattress is known for its quality and longevity. With proper care, a Mt Rogers mattress can last up to 10 years or longer. The high-quality foam used in their mattresses provides superior support and comfort, while the individually wrapped coils provide extra durability.

To maximize the life of your Mt Rogers mattress, make sure to use a supportive foundation, rotate it every six months, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat sources such as electric blankets or heating pads and protect it from liquid spills with an approved waterproof protector. It’s also important to only clean your mattress using recommended cleaning products that won’t damage the material over time. By taking these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the restful sleep provided by your Mt Rogers mattress for many years to come!

The Expected Lifespan of a Mt Rogers Mattress is 8-10 Years With Regular Use And Proper Care

When properly cared for, a Mt Rogers mattress can last up to 10 years. This is because the mattress features high-density foam and coils that are designed to resist sagging and wear over time. Additionally, it has been tested with more than 150,000 cycles of simulated sleep in order to ensure its durability and longevity.

To get the most out of your new Mt Rogers mattress, proper care should be taken including rotating the mattress every 3 months or so, using a quality protective cover or pad on top of the mattress and avoiding spills by using waterproof protectors where possible. With regular use and proper care you’ll enjoy many comfortable nights of restful sleep for years to come!


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Does the Mt Rogers Mattress Have Any Special Features

The Mt Rogers mattress is a luxurious hybrid model that offers exceptional pressure relief and support. It contains an eight-inch layer of individually pocketed coils, which provide superior conforming properties and help to evenly distribute weight throughout the entire mattress. The comfort layers are made up of two inches of memory foam, one inch of latex foam, and one inch of cooling gel foam for extra relaxation and improved temperature regulation.

These features combined with its breathable quilted cover make this mattress ideal for sleepers who need targeted support while still enjoying a comfortable night’s rest.

Yes! The Edge Support on Each Side is Reinforced With an Extra Layer of Coils to Provide Increased Stability along the Edges And Reduce Motion Transfer Across the Surface When Sharing the Bed With Someone Else

The edge support on today’s mattresses are designed with additional layers of coils, providing increased stability and reducing motion transfer along the edges. This improved support can be especially beneficial for couples who share a bed, allowing them to reduce disturbances while they sleep. With reinforced edge support, you can rest assured knowing that your mattress will remain stable even when sitting or sleeping near the side.

Additionally, it is important to note that most modern mattresses come with an extra layer of foam around the perimeter which adds additional reinforcement and increases comfort by preventing sagging at the sides.

Ashley Mt Rogers 13 Inch Firm Hybrid Mattress Review

Mt Rogers Mattress Reviews

The Mt Rogers mattress is one of the most popular and highly rated mattresses on the market today. Reviewers often cite its superior comfort, excellent support, and overall value as key reasons they consider it a great buy. The mattress also has many features that make it stand out from other models, such as cooling technology and pocketed coils for added support.

With so much attention to detail put into this product, it’s no wonder why customers are raving about their experience with Mt Rogers mattresses!


In conclusion, the Mt Rogers Mattress is a great choice for anyone looking for comfort and support in their sleep. With its superior construction and advanced design features, this mattress has been proven to provide an excellent night’s rest with minimal motion transfer. Additionally, the company offers free shipping and returns as well as generous warranties to ensure satisfaction with your purchase.

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious sleeping experience or simply need an upgrade from your current bedding setup, the Mt Rogers Mattress is sure to be the perfect fit.

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