Once Upon a Mattress Poster: Perfect Addition to Your Collection

Once Upon a Mattress is a classic musical comedy about Princess Winnifred, a spunky princess who is determined to break through the confines of an oppressive and archaic system. The play follows her journey as she attempts to win the hand of Prince Dauntless in marriage by completing three impossible tasks. The poster for Once Upon a Mattress features bright colors and whimsical art depicting the main characters from the story.

It includes illustrations of Princess Winnifred, Prince Dauntless, Queen Aggravain, King Sextimus and other members of their court – all with humorous expressions that capture the lighthearted spirit of this beloved musical tale.

Once Upon a Mattress is a classic musical comedy that has been delighting audiences since 1959. This lively show puts a comedic twist on the classic fairytale The Princess and the Pea, telling the story of Princess Winnifred and her quest to marry Prince Dauntless. This timeless production can now be brought home with an eye-catching Once Upon A Mattress poster featuring vibrant colors and characters from the show!

Hang this in your living room or bedroom for some inspiration as you relive all the joy of this beloved musical!

Once upon a Mattress Poster

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What is the Message of Once Upon A Mattress?

Once Upon A Mattress is a classic fairy tale that has been adapted to the stage by Mary Rodgers, with lyrics and music by Marshall Barer. The message of this show is one of hope, resilience and empowerment. Through its comedic story of Princess Winnifred’s quest for true love, it inspires us to never give up on our dreams despite the obstacles we may face along the way.

This timeless musical also encourages us to be brave in standing up for what we believe in and remain strong against those who would seek to oppress or take advantage of us. Ultimately, Once Upon A Mattress shows us that with enough determination and courage anything is possible!

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What is the Plot of Once Upon A Mattress?

Once Upon A Mattress is a classic fairy tale musical that follows the story of Princess Winnifred, who must pass an unusual test to prove her worthiness to marry Prince Dauntless. In order for her to do so, she must sleep on a mattress in the castle tower guarded by an evil witch, Queen Aggravain. Meanwhile, King Sextimus is under a curse and rendered mute until his son marries.

With help from Sir Harry and Lady Larken, Winnifred succeeds in sleeping through all sorts of obstacles set up by the Queen and wins over everyone’s hearts with her wit and courage. In the end, true love prevails as Winnifred marries Prince Dauntless while also breaking the spell cast on King Sextimus.

Is Once Upon A Mattress a Legit Musical?

Yes, Once Upon a Mattress is a legitimate musical. It was written by Mary Rogers and Marshall Barer and first performed off-Broadway in 1959. The show later became an award-winning Broadway production starring Carol Burnett, with music composed by Mary Rodgers and lyrics written by Marshall Barer.

The show has since been produced around the world, including high schools and community theaters. Its family friendly themes of love conquering all make it popular among audiences of all ages.

Is Once Upon A Mattress Golden Age?

Yes, Once Upon A Mattress is considered to be part of the Golden Age of musical theater. Written by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, and Marshall Barer in 1959 and based on the classic fairy tale The Princess and the Pea, Once Upon A Mattress was a huge success that ran for nearly 500 performances at off-Broadway’s Phoenix Theatre. It starred Carol Burnett as Princess Winnifred who wins her prince with an original score filled with hilarious songs like “Shy” and “In a Little While”.

This memorable show has been adapted into several different versions including film, television specials and even high school productions all over the world proving its staying power in popular culture.

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Who Kisses in Once Upon A Mattress?

Once Upon A Mattress is a musical retelling of the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. At the end of this beloved show, there are several romantic moments that involve kissing! Prince Dauntless and Princess Winifred share their first kiss after she passes her test to prove her worthiness as a bride.

Later on in the play, Queen Aggravain and King Sextimus finally get to share a passionate kiss after years apart due to an enchantment cast by Witch Lucille. Additionally, Lady Larken and Sir Harry share a brief yet sweet smooch when they are reunited at last. These touching moments make Once Upon A Mattress truly magical!

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Once upon a Mattress Reviews

Once Upon a Mattress has been met with rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The play is praised for its clever use of wordplay, witty dialogue, and outstanding performance by the cast. It’s an inventive retelling of the classic fairytale that is sure to have you laughing out loud, singing along with the show-stopping numbers, and leaving the theater feeling uplifted.


This poster for “Once Upon a Mattress” is an excellent example of the creativity and artistry that goes into creating theatrical posters. The illustration style and color palette give it a whimsical, fairy-tale feel that reflects the story’s tone perfectly. It’s sure to draw attention from passersby and potential audience members alike, making it an effective tool in advertising this production of the classic musical comedy.

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