Opticool Mattress King: Stay Cool All Night

The Opticool Mattress King is a luxurious mattress designed to provide excellent support and cooling comfort. It features three layers of advanced foam that contour to the body for maximum comfort. The top layer is 4 inches of premium memory foam, providing superior pressure relief and conforming support.

The middle layer consists of 2 inches of OptiCool gel-infused memory foam which helps keep you cool all night long. Finally, the base layer is 6 inches high-density polyurethane foam, offering deep compression support for years of durable use. This mattress also has an innovative quilted cover with breathable fabric that helps regulate temperature throughout your sleep cycle for optimal restful nights.

With its superior construction and innovative design, the Opticool Mattress King offers incredible comfort and restorative sleep at an affordable price point – making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a plush yet supportive sleeping experience!

If you’re looking for a luxurious mattress that’s designed to provide superior comfort, the Opticool Mattress King is an ideal choice. Featuring advanced cooling technology and high-density foam construction, this mattress provides optimal support and temperature regulation for a restful night’s sleep. The unique design helps reduce motion transfer between sleeping partners and ensures body alignment throughout the night.

Plus, the soft fabric cover adds extra comfort without compromising on breathability or durability. With its combination of cutting-edge features, this king size mattress is sure to help you drift off into dreamland in no time!

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Opticool Mattress King

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Who Makes Optimum Mattress?

The Optimum mattress is made by Sealy, a leading global bedding provider that has been in the business of making mattresses for over 130 years. The Optimum line features advanced technology and high-quality craftsmanship to ensure your comfort and support needs are met at all times. It is designed with five distinct layers of specialty foams including gel memory foam, latex foam, cooling foam and more providing superior pressure relief for an optimal night’s sleep.

With its unique design, Optimum offers exceptional body contouring and motion isolation while also being hypoallergenic so it won’t trigger allergies or irritants like traditional mattress materials do.

What is Opticool Gel Foam?

OptiCool Gel Foam is a type of memory foam mattress that combines the benefits of traditional foam and cooling technology. It has a unique gel layer in the top layer, which helps to regulate body temperature while you sleep, resulting in a cooler sleeping surface than traditional mattresses. The OptiCool Gel Foam also features an open-cell structure, allowing air to move freely throughout the mattress and promoting even weight distribution for optimal comfort.

Additionally, its responsive nature contours to your body’s shape providing pressure point relief and support where needed most.

What Replaced Sealy Optimum?

Sealy Optimum was replaced by the Sealy Hybrid line of mattresses. The Hybrid line offers a variety of mattress options with varying levels of support and comfort, all built to provide exceptional pressure relief and overall body support. These mattresses feature advanced foam layers that work together to provide deep contouring, targeted back support, and optimal cooling properties.

Additionally, they are constructed with individually wrapped coils that are designed to minimize motion transfer between sleepers while providing additional edge-to-edge stability for long lasting durability. In short, the Sealy Hybrid is a quality mattress line that has taken over from the former Sealy Optimum collection as an even more comfortable sleeping experience for those looking for superior comfort and support in their mattress purchase.

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What is an Optimum Mattress?

An optimum mattress is a type of mattress that provides the highest level of support and comfort for your body. It is designed to provide targeted pressure relief in key areas such as hips, shoulders and lower back to ensure you get an excellent night’s sleep. Optimum mattresses are often constructed with specialized foam layers that contour and conform to your body shape while providing firmness in all the right places.

They usually also come with advanced cooling technology so you stay comfortable throughout the night without feeling too hot or too cold.

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Opticool Mattress Reviews

Opticool Mattresses have been gaining popularity due to their innovative cooling technology and comfort. Reviews for the mattresses are largely positive, with many customers noting that they sleep more comfortably now than ever before thanks to the cool sleeping surface. Customers also appreciate Opticool’s generous warranty policy, which allows them to return or exchange their mattress if they are not satisfied after 90 days of use.

With so much great feedback from happy customers, it’s easy to see why Opticool is quickly becoming one of the most popular mattress brands on the market today.


In conclusion, the Opticool Mattress King is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and cool sleeping experience. It features advanced cooling technology that helps to keep your body regulated during sleep, helping you get a more restful night’s sleep. Moreover, its natural materials provide superior support and pressure relief while also being hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

Finally, with its 10-year limited warranty, you can be sure of investing in long-term quality.

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