Prius Duet Mattress: The Ultimate Sleeping Experience

The Prius Duet Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines both memory foam and latex to create an optimal sleep experience. The top layer of the mattress consists of 2 inches of conforming memory foam, while the bottom layer features 7 inches of supportive and durable latex. This combination helps provide superior pressure relief and support while still allowing for airflow to keep you cool at night.

Additionally, this mattress is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams so you can be sure it has been tested for safety and performance. All in all, the Prius Duet Mattress offers a great balance between comfort and support—making it perfect for those who want something soft yet supportive!

The Prius Duet Mattress is an innovative new mattress designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Combining the latest technology with a unique blend of foam, coils and organic cotton, this mattress provides all the support you need for a relaxing night’s sleep. The combination of natural materials ensures that you get the most restful sleep possible while also providing superior breathability to keep your temperature regulated throughout the night.

This durable mattress offers enhanced contouring for maximum pressure relief and durability, making it perfect for those who suffer from back pain or other chronic conditions. With its innovative design and luxurious features, the Prius Duet Mattress is sure to provide sweet dreams every single night!

Prius Duet Mattress



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What are the Features of a Prius Duet Mattress

The Prius Duet Mattress is a luxurious hybrid mattress that combines the support of an innerspring system with the comfort of foam layers. It features individually wrapped coils to provide superior motion isolation and contouring, while memory foam layers help reduce pressure points for a more comfortable sleep. The top layer is made up of cooling gel-infused memory foam, which helps regulate temperature during sleep.

Additionally, the mattress has edge support technology to keep you from feeling like you’re going to roll off the bed when sleeping near the sides. With its medium firmness level and 10-year limited warranty, this mattress is sure to offer plenty of comfort and convenience for years to come.

The Prius Duet Mattress is Designed to Provide an Optimal Night’S Sleep, With Two Layers of Memory Foam, Individually Pocketed Coils And Cooling Gel Beads for Comfort And Support

The Prius Duet mattress is designed to provide an optimal night’s sleep, with two layers of memory foam providing comfort and support. The top layer is a 2-inch thick layer of premium memory foam that helps relieve pressure points and contours to the body for improved spinal alignment. Underneath this is a 1-inch layer of cooling gel beads which help regulate temperature during sleep.

For additional support, the mattress features individually pocketed coils that adjust independently according to your body type helping you stay comfortable throughout the night. Additionally, the entire mattress has been wrapped in a breathable damask cover allowing air to flow freely within it so you can stay cool while sleeping. With all these features combined, the Prius Duet provides excellent comfort and support for a great night’s rest.

It Also Has Edge-To-Edge Support And Motion Isolation Technology to Reduce Partner Disturbance

The Edge-to-Edge support and Motion Isolation Technology of the mattress helps to reduce disturbances caused by a partner’s movements throughout sleep. This is achieved through independent pocketed coils that conform to each sleeper’s individual shape, as well as a high-density foam layer that absorbs motion from one side and prevents it from transferring to the other side. Additionally, this technology also helps lessen noise transfer between partners while they are sleeping so they can both enjoy an undisturbed restful night time experience.

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How Long Does It Take for a Prius Duet Mattress to Be Delivered

The delivery time for a Prius Duet Mattress will depend on the availability of the mattress and your location. Generally, it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks for your order to arrive at its destination. If you live in an area that is within close proximity to a designated distribution center, then your order may arrive even sooner.

Be sure to check with the manufacturer regarding their shipping policies so that you can get an accurate estimate of when you should expect your new mattress!

Delivery Times Vary Based on Your Location, But Most Orders Arrive within 5-7 Business Days from the Time of Purchase

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Is a Box Spring Needed With a Prius Duet Mattress

A box spring is not required for the Prius Duet Mattress, as it has a unique design that allows it to be used without one. This mattress features individually pocketed coils and high-density foam layers that provide strong support while still allowing air to circulate through the mattress. It also has an advanced cooling system built into its cover fabric, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Additionally, this mattress comes with a 10 year warranty so you can rest easy knowing your investment will last for years to come.

No, the Mattress is Designed to Work Without Any Additional Foundation Or Box Spring; However Adding One Can Improve Overall Bed Stability And Longevity If Desired

No, a mattress does not necessarily require an additional foundation or box spring to work properly. However, adding one can provide several benefits that may be worth considering. It helps the mattress remain more stable and durable over time, since it prevents any dipping or sagging of the mattress due to repeated use.

Furthermore, when a foundation is used with a mattress it helps create an even surface for sleeping on while also providing extra cushioning and support. Ultimately, whether you choose to add an additional foundation or box spring depends on your specific needs and preferences as well as the design of your bed frame system.

Duet Complete Mattress System

Prius Duet Mattress Manual

The Prius Duet Mattress Manual provides detailed instructions for setting up and using your mattress. It covers all aspects of the setup process, from unboxing to assembly and care. The manual also includes information about mattress warranties, comfort ratings, and troubleshooting guide.

With this comprehensive manual in hand, you can be sure that your Prius Duet Mattress will provide a comfortable night’s sleep for many years to come!


The Prius Duet Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality without breaking the bank. It offers superior comfort, durability, and affordability compared to traditional mattresses. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty so you can be sure that your investment will stay comfortable and supportive over time.

With its combination of features and great value, the Prius Duet Mattress is clearly a top contender when it comes to quality sleep solutions.

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