Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress: The Purest Sleep Experience

Pürgle Sleep Pure Mattress is a hybrid mattress with a unique combination of comfort and support. Its innovative design features an 8-inch layer of individually pocketed coils, 6 inches of high density foam, and 2 inches of memory foam for superior pressure relief. The mattress also has cooling technology to help regulate body temperature during sleep.

It comes with a 10 year warranty that provides peace of mind knowing you’re getting quality materials backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Pürgle Sleep Pure Mattress offers great value for money as well as excellent performance in terms of ergonomics, breathability, durability, motion transfer and edge support. Overall it is ideal for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution that provides luxurious comfort without breaking the bank.

The Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress is the perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable and healthy sleep. Its unique combination of pocketed coils, natural latex foam, organic cotton fabrics and wool makes it an ideal mattress to provide optimal comfort and support all night long. Its breathable design ensures you stay cool throughout the night while its dust mite resistant materials make sure your mattress stays free from allergens.

With a 10-year warranty, this mattress is designed to last so you can enjoy restful nights for years to come!

Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress

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What Type of Material is Used in the Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress

The Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress is made of 100% Natural Latex. This type of material is considered one of the most durable and long-lasting materials in mattress construction, providing superior support for your body as you sleep. It also offers a great amount of breathability which helps to keep you cool throughout the night.

In addition, natural latex is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant making it ideal for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivities to certain materials. The unique design also allows air circulation through its open cell structure while still providing contouring support that will help improve spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points that can cause aches and pains during sleep.

The Mattress is Made from a Combination of Memory Foam, Latex Foam And High-Density Base Foam for Superior Comfort And Support

The mattress is designed to provide superior comfort and support with a combination of memory foam, latex foam and high-density base foam. Memory foam contours to the body providing pressure relief while latex offers enhanced breathability for temperature regulation. The addition of high-density base foam ensures that the mattress maintains its form over time, so it can be enjoyed for years to come without sagging or losing shape.

This unique blend of materials creates a perfect balance between plushness and firmness, helping you sleep more soundly throughout the night.


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How Long Does It Take for the Mattress to Fully Expand When Unpackaged

When unpackaged, it typically takes between 24 and 72 hours for a mattress to fully expand. The amount of time it takes will depend on the type of mattress being unpacked and the temperature of the room. Memory foam mattresses are known to take longer than other types due to their density, while latex mattresses may need less time because they have more air pockets within them.

Additionally, if you live in an area that is colder than normal or experience extreme temperatures during certain months of the year, then your mattress could take even longer to expand. Ultimately, patience is key when allowing your new mattress to reach its full size potential!

It Typically Takes 24 Hours for the Mattress to Fully Expand After Being Unpacked And Opened Up to Its Original Size

When you first receive your new mattress, it is important to give it time to expand and air out before use. This process typically takes 24 hours for the mattress to reach its full size. After being unpacked and opened up, the foam cells inside the mattress will slowly fill with air, allowing the original shape of the mattress to take form.

During this period, it is important not to sleep on or lay anything heavy on top of your new mattress as this can hinder its expansion process. Once fully inflated, your new bed should be ready for a comfortable night’s sleep!


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Is There a Trial Period Available With This Mattress

Yes, many mattress companies offer a trial period to allow customers to try out the mattress for an extended time before deciding whether or not it’s right for them. Depending on the company, this trial period can range from as little as 30 days up to an entire year. During the trial period, customers typically have the option of returning or exchanging their mattress if they are unsatisfied with it and receive a full refund in most cases.

It’s important to read through all of the details associated with any specific trial periods offered by mattress companies before committing so that you know exactly what is covered and how long your return window will be.

Yes, Purchasers are Eligible for a 100-Night Sleep Trial With the Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress So They Can Test Out Their New Product before Making a Final Decision on Whether Or Not It’S Right for Them

With the trial, purchasers can sleep on their new mattress for 100 nights before deciding if it’s right for them. If they decide the mattress does not meet their needs within that time frame, Purgel Sleep will accept a return and issue a full refund. In addition to this generous sleep trial period, Purgel Sleep also offers free shipping and returns as well as a 10-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects or premature sagging.

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Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is one of the most popular and well-liked mattresses on the market. It has a unique comfort layer made from hyper elastic polymer that provides support while also contouring to your body. The mattress is designed with cooling technology and an open cell structure so you can sleep cool, comfortable, and undisturbed.

Additionally, it has a no-risk trial period so you can test out the mattress before fully committing to it.


In conclusion, the Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience. With its high-quality materials, advanced cooling technology and innovative design, this mattress offers a luxurious sleeping surface that provides superior comfort and support night after night. Whether you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper, you can rest assured knowing that your mattress will provide the perfect balance of softness and firmness for your body type.

For those who want to invest in quality sleep without breaking the bank, the Purgel Sleep Pure Mattress is an ideal option worth considering.

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