Get a Cool and Comfortable Sleep with the Queen Tencel Mattress

A Queen Tencel Mattress is a mattress designed with high-grade materials and advanced technology to provide superior comfort, support, and durability. It features a pocketed coil system that provides superior contouring and pressure relief while reducing motion transfer. The mattress also has layers of foam, including memory foam and gel-infused foam for enhanced breathability, temperature regulation, and reduced stress on the joints.

Additionally, it includes cooling technologies like copper-infused foams which help keep you cool throughout the night by dissipating body heat away from your body. Its cover is made with Tencel fibers which are soft to the touch yet highly durable providing additional comfort as well as keeping allergens out of the bedding.

The Queen Tencel Mattress is an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience. Featuring a unique combination of cooling technology and high-end comfort, this mattress offers superior pressure relief and support. The top layer of the mattress is made from eco-friendly Tencel, which helps regulate temperature while providing exceptional breathability.

Additionally, the medium firmness level makes it perfect for both side and back sleepers alike. With its long-lasting durability and luxurious feel, the Queen Tencel Mattress will provide you with restful nights of deep sleep time after time.

Queen Tencel Mattress


What Does Tencel Mean on a Mattress?

Tencel is a brand of lyocell fiber created by Austrian company Lenzing. It is made from wood pulp and is highly absorbent, soft to the touch, and durable. Tencel fibers are often used in mattresses because they provide superior breathability and temperature regulation capabilities compared to other fabrics.

The fabric has excellent moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool throughout the night, while its hypoallergenic nature prevents dust mites from settling in your mattress. Additionally, Tencel’s natural anti-bacterial properties protect against mold and mildew buildup which can cause allergies or worse for many people who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma or hay fever. As a result, using a mattress with Tencel fibers will help promote better sleep quality for those who may otherwise struggle due to uncomfortable temperatures or allergens.

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Is Tencel Good for a Mattress Pad?

Tencel is an excellent material for a mattress pad. It’s soft, breathable and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin. It also wicks away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable while sleeping.

Additionally, Tencel is naturally resistant to dust mites and bacteria which can help reduce the spread of germs as well as improve your sleep quality. In addition to being durable and long-lasting, Tencel has been found to be more absorbent than cotton or wool so it will provide extra protection from spills and stains on your mattress pad.

Where are Tencel Mattresses Made?

Tencel mattresses are made in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Tencel is a brand of lyocell fibers that are produced by Lenzing AG, an Austrian company. The process to make lyocell fibers involves dissolving wood pulp in a non-toxic solvent called N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide (NMMO).

The NMMO helps dissolve the cellulose from the wood pulp into a liquid solution which then gets extruded through tiny holes to form threads or filaments of fiber. Once these fibers have been created they can then be woven together to create fabrics for use in mattress production. This allows for more breathability than other methods used with traditional synthetic materials like polyester or cotton blends.

What is the Best Comfortable Mattress Material?

When it comes to finding the best comfortable mattress material, memory foam is a great choice. Memory foam conforms to your body’s shape and provides pressure relief on areas such as the hips and shoulders, which can help reduce tossing and turning during sleep. Additionally, memory foam helps reduce motion transfer from one side of the bed to another so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping with someone else in the bed when your partner moves around.

This makes it ideal for couples who share a bed or for those who are sensitive to movement while they sleep.

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Tencel Mattress Protector Waterproof Queen

Tencel Mattress Price

The price of a Tencel mattress varies depending on the type and size of mattress you select. Generally, a queen-sized mattress will range from $1,000 to $2,500 while a king-sized mattress can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000. However, there are many other factors that play into determining the final price of your Tencel mattress such as the thickness and firmness selection.


In conclusion, the Queen Tencel mattress is an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience. With its unique combination of materials and innovative design, it provides superior support while still being soft and luxurious. The cooling technology helps keep you cool as you sleep, while providing superior breathability to help regulate your temperature.

Additionally, the mattress is incredibly durable so you can be sure that it will last for years to come. All in all, the Queen Tencel mattress offers an unbeatable combination of comfort, support, durability and cooling features – making it one of the best mattresses on the market today!

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