Why Restonic Hybrid Platinum Mattress is a Top Choice

The Restonic Hybrid Platinum Mattress is a luxury mattress that features a combination of supportive and comfortable materials. The top layer is made from plush memory foam for pressure relief, while the core layers are constructed with individually pocketed coils to provide support and reduce motion transfer between sleep partners. In addition, this mattress also has an edge guard system to help extend the lifespan of your mattress by preventing sagging along the perimeter.

It also comes with an anti-microbial treatment and antimicrobial cover fabric to keep your sleeping surface free from allergens and bacteria. Lastly, it has reinforced edges for extra durability. This hybrid mattress offers exceptional comfort at a great value for those looking for quality restful sleep without breaking their budget!

The Restonic Hybrid Platinum Mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support. Featuring a pocketed coil innerspring system, this mattress offers both targeted pressure relief and superior motion isolation for a truly restful night’s sleep. The use of quality materials such as a quilted pillow top with gel-infused memory foam ensures luxurious cushioning that will have you sleeping soundly through the night.

With its hybrid construction, this mattress also provides an exceptional level of durability so it can stand up to years of use without losing its shape or comfort features.

Restonic Mattress Reviews (FULL GUIDE)

Is Restonic Beds Good Quality?

Restonic beds are highly rated for their quality and craftsmanship. They offer a variety of mattress types including memory foam, innerspring, latex, hybrid and adjustable models. The mattresses feature individually wrapped coils that contour to the body for added support and pressure relief.

Additionally, many Restonic mattresses come with comfort layers such as gel-infused memory foam or soft quilted fabrics that provide enhanced cushioning. Restonic also offers an array of bedding accessories like pillows, sheets, comforters and mattress protectors which can help enhance sleep quality even further. With all these features combined together it’s no surprise why so many people consider Restonic beds to be some of the best on the market today!

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Do You Flip a Restonic Mattress?

Yes, you can flip a Restonic mattress. Most models are designed to be flipped and rotated on a regular basis so that they wear evenly over time. When flipping your mattress, make sure to start from the bottom up and rotate it from head to foot every few months or as recommended by the manufacturer.

This will help maintain its original shape for optimal comfort and support throughout its life span. It is also important to note that certain styles of Restonic mattresses require specific instructions for flipping so be sure to refer to your product manual before attempting any flipping or rotating maneuvers.

What Company Makes Restonic Mattresses?

Restonic is an American mattress manufacturer that has been in business since 1938. Founded by brothers John and Robert Stewart, the company specializes in manufacturing high quality mattresses for both residential and commercial use. Their mattresses are designed to provide superior comfort, support, temperature regulation, motion isolation and durability.

Restonic also offers a variety of mattress toppers and bedding accessories such as pillows, sheets and protectors to enhance their products’ performance. The company currently produces several lines of mattress models including the ComfortCare Collection, Sleep Harmony Collection and Healthrest Collection among others. All of these collections feature innovative technologies like pocket coils with edge-to-edge support systems, airflow foam layers for increased breathability or memory foam contouring layers for pressure relief.

With over 80 years in business under its belt, Restonic continues to strive towards offering customers a great night’s sleep every time they lay down on one of their beds!

What Type of Mattress is a Restonic?

Restonic is a leading mattress manufacturer that specializes in creating high-quality, all-foam mattresses. Their mattresses are designed with an emphasis on comfort and support, making them ideal for people who need extra cushioning while they sleep. The core of each Restonic mattress is made up of multiple layers of foam, including memory foam and latex foam.

This combination creates a supportive yet soft sleeping surface that contours to the body’s shape providing optimal pressure relief and reduced motion transfer. Additionally, some Restonic models feature cooling technology such as gel infused memory foam to help regulate temperature throughout the night. Whether you’re looking for a plush or firm feel, there is likely a Restonic model that will meet your needs.

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Restonic Hybrid Platinum Mattress

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Restonic Hybrid Platinum Comfort Care Reviews

The Restonic Hybrid Platinum Comfort Care mattress is one of the most highly-rated mattresses on the market. Customers consistently report that this hybrid mattress provides an excellent combination of comfort and support, with reviews noting its medium firmness combined with a plush top layer for maximum pressure relief. Additionally, customers rave about how supportive the individually pocketed coils are for contouring to their body and helping ease joint pain.

Furthermore, many customers love that this mattress includes cooling technology in both layers to keep sleepers cool at night. All in all, it’s no wonder why so many people are giving this amazing hybrid mattress high marks!

Restonic Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Restonic Hybrid mattresses have a lot of positive reviews from customers and experts alike. They are praised for their comfort, support, temperature regulation, and durability. Customers report that the mattress is great for couples due to its motion isolation features and customizable firmness options.

Additionally, many mention the high-quality materials used in the construction of these hybrid mattresses as well as their affordability. With so much to offer at such an attractive price point it’s no wonder why Restonic Hybrid Mattress Reviews are overwhelmingly positive!

Restonic King Mattress

The Restonic King Mattress is an ideal choice for those looking for a luxurious sleep experience. It features a combination of restful memory foam and supportive coils, which work together to provide superior comfort and support. The mattress also has edge-to-edge support, allowing you to sleep all the way to the edge without feeling like you’re falling off.

Its quilted top layer adds extra cushioning, while its breathable design helps keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night.

Restonic Biltmore Mattress

Restonic’s Biltmore Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines the comfort of memory foam with the support of individually-wrapped coils. It features Restonic’s patented “ComfortCare” construction, which has temperature sensitive components designed to provide better airflow and keep you comfortable during sleep. The mattress also offers edge support for improved durability, as well as anti-microbial properties to help prevent dust mites and other allergens from settling in.

With its combination of quality construction, comfort and breathability, the Biltmore from Restonic is an ideal choice for those looking for an all-around great night’s sleep.

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Restonic Mattress Models

Restonic mattresses offer a range of models, from the entry-level ComfortCare model to the top-of-the-line HealthRest model. Each mattress is designed with high quality materials and craftsmanship, providing superior comfort and pressure relief. The ComfortCare line features individually pocketed coils for tailored support, while the HealthRest collection offers memory foam technology for enhanced contouring.

Both lines come in a variety of sizes and firmness levels to suit any sleeping style or body type.

Restonic Mattress

The Restonic Mattress is renowned for providing exceptional comfort and quality. With a combination of individually pocketed coils, high-density foam layers, pressure relieving memory foam, and quilted pillow tops, the Restonic mattress provides superior support while conforming to your body’s natural shape. The materials used in crafting the mattresses are also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Restonic Comfort Care Mattress Reviews

Restonic Comfort Care mattresses are designed to provide superior comfort and support. Their range of mattress types offer a variety of features, including plush pillow-top layers, individually wrapped coils for optimal motion isolation, and advanced temperature regulation technology. Customers report an overall high level of satisfaction with these products; they find that the combination of quality materials and construction ensures a restful night’s sleep.

The Restonic Comfort Care mattress reviews also praise their durability, value for money, and customer service.

Restonic Double Sided Mattress

The Restonic Double Sided Mattress is a great choice if you’re looking for superior comfort and support. It is constructed with two layers of durable foam that offers both plush, body-contouring comfort and firm support. The mattress also features an advanced edge system which limits motion transfer across the bed, allowing sleepers to enjoy undisturbed slumber throughout the night.

Additionally, this mattress comes with a 20 year warranty, giving customers peace of mind that their investment will last for many years to come.


The Restonic Hybrid Platinum Mattress is an ideal choice for those who want the best of both worlds. It combines the comfort and support of a hybrid mattress with the innovative technologies used in traditional mattresses to provide users with ultimate sleeping experience. Its advanced cooling system keeps you cool while its unique design provides optimal pressure relief, so you can relax into a deep sleep night after night.

The combination of all these features makes this mattress perfect for anyone looking for luxurious comfort and maximum performance at an affordable price point.

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