Royal Spring Mattress

Royal spring mattress is a popular brand of mattresses that offer superior comfort, support and durability. It features individually pocketed springs to provide contouring support for each sleeper, reducing motion transfer between partners. The mattresses are made from top quality materials such as memory foam, latex and other natural fillings to improve breathability and temperature regulation.

Additionally, Royal Spring Mattress offers an extended warranty up to 15 years for added peace of mind and customer assurance. Their range includes different sizes including single size, double size and queen size beds with various firmness options available according to individual preferences. All in all, Royal Spring Mattress provides the perfect combination of comfort and support at great prices making it the ideal choice for everyone’s sleeping needs!

The Royal Spring Mattress is the perfect choice for anyone looking for luxurious comfort and support. This high-end mattress features a unique combination of individually wrapped coils that provide superior back, neck and shoulder support, plus a layer of memory foam that adapts to your body for an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep. With its breathable construction, it also helps keep you cool while you sleep.

For added convenience, this mattress comes with a 10 year warranty so you can rest assured knowing your investment will last for years to come.

Royal Spring Mattress


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What is Best Spring Mattress Brand?

When shopping for a new mattress, there are many factors to consider, including comfort, support and durability. Out of all the spring mattress brands on the market today one stands out in terms of value: Saatva. Saatva offers three different models that cater to various sleeping positions and preferences – Luxury Firm, Plush Soft and Loom & Leaf – each crafted with a combination of premium materials such as individually wrapped coils for superior support and breathable foam layers for maximum comfort.

Additionally, their mattresses come backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty which ensures you’re getting a product designed to stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a well-crafted spring mattress that offers both quality construction and excellent customer service at an affordable price point then Saatva is likely your best option.

Who Makes Royal Mattresses?

Royal mattresses are made by Royal Sleep Products, a mattress manufacturer based in North Carolina. For over 20 years, the company has been designing and producing high-quality mattresses for customers all across the United States. Their extensive line of products includes memory foam, hybrid and natural latex mattresses that cater to both traditional and modern tastes.

Royal Sleep Products prides itself on offering exceptional comfort at an affordable price point without sacrificing quality or durability. Each mattress is tested rigorously to ensure it meets stringent safety standards as well as superior performance levels when compared to competitors’ offerings.

What are the Disadvantages of Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses have been around for a long time, but they are not without their drawbacks. One of the primary disadvantages of using a spring mattress is that it can be quite uncomfortable due to the metal coils in the construction. In addition, spring mattresses tend to sag and lose their shape over time, which can lead to back pain and discomfort.

They also don’t typically provide adequate support for heavier individuals or those with joint pain since the springs are unable to adequately distribute weight evenly across the surface. Finally, these types of mattresses can be somewhat noisy due to creaks and squeaks from the coils when used regularly.

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How Many Years is a Spring Mattress Good For?

On average, a spring mattress should last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. The lifespan of your mattress will depend on how often it is used and the quality of materials used in its construction. If you take proper care of your mattress, such as rotating it every few months, using a protective covering, and avoiding eating or drinking near the bed, then you can potentially extend its life by several years beyond that.

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Royal Sleep Mattress Price

The Royal Sleep mattress is a high-end luxury mattress that offers exceptional comfort and support. It has three layers of temperature regulating memory foam which provides superior pressure relief, and its top layer contains cooling gel to keep you cool at night. The price for the Royal Sleep mattress ranges from $1,499 – $2,299 depending on the size of your bed frame.

With its quality construction and luxurious materials, it’s definitely an investment worth making if you’re in the market for a new mattress.


Overall, the Royal Spring Mattress is an excellent option for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep experience. This mattress provides superior comfort and support with its unique combination of springs and foam layers. Its breathable design ensures a cooler night’s sleep for hot-sleepers, while its motion isolation technology reduces partner disturbance.

It also comes with a risk-free trial period so customers can make sure they are buying the right mattress without any financial commitment. For these reasons, it is easy to see why many people have chosen the Royal Spring Mattress as their go-to bedding solution.

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