Sealy Crown Jewel Cherry Opal Mattress: A Royal Sleep Experience

The Sealy Crown Jewel Cherry Opal Mattress is a luxurious and supportive mattress that delivers superior comfort and pressure relief. It features a top layer of plush memory foam for exceptional body contouring, followed by a generous layer of ultra-soft latex for enhanced breathability. The individually wrapped titanium coils provide deep down support, while the edge-to-edge cushioning provides extra stability when sleeping on the sides or near the edges.

Its quilted upholstered cover adds an additional layer of softness to complete this comfortable mattress. With its durable construction and luxurious materials, the Sealy Crown Jewel Cherry Opal Mattress is sure to be one of your favorite beds in no time!

The Sealy Crown Jewel Cherry Opal mattress is the perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious and supportive sleep experience. With its plush top layer of memory foam, this mattress provides conforming comfort that cradles your body and helps to alleviate pressure points. The unique ComfortCore coil system delivers superior support for proper alignment and undisturbed restful sleep.

It also features an extra thick edge-to-edge cushioning layer with a quilted finish that adds an elegant touch to any bedroom décor. Get ready to enjoy heavenly sleep nights with the Sealy Crown Jewel Cherry Opal Mattress!

Sealy Crown Jewel Cherry Opal Mattress


What are the Dimensions of Sealy Crown Jewel?

The Sealy Crown Jewel Mattress is a luxurious and comfortable mattress that comes in three sizes: Twin, Full, and Queen. The twin size measures 39″ x 75″, the full size measures 54″ x 75″, and the queen size measures 60″ x 80″. Each mattress also has a layer of plush foam that adds an extra layer of comfort while sleeping.

Additionally, the Sealy Crown Jewel Mattress is 14 inches thick with multiple layers of supportive coils for maximum support during sleep.

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How Thick is a Sealy Pillow Top Mattress?

Sealy pillow top mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 8 inches to 15 inches. The most common thickness for Sealy pillow top mattresses is 12-13 inches thick. This extra cushioning layer helps provide superior comfort and support by allowing your body to sink into the mattress without bottoming out or feeling too firm.

Additionally, this extra layer also helps reduce motion transfer between sleep partners, providing a restful night’s sleep with minimal disturbance.

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Sealy Cherry Opal Mattress Review

The Sealy Cherry Opal mattress is a great option for those looking to experience luxurious comfort in their sleep. It features an advanced coil-in-coil support system, a plush pillowtop surface with cooling gel memory foam, and high quality materials that provide long lasting durability. Plus, its low motion transfer and breathable cooling cover make it perfect for couples who want to enjoy restful nights without disruption from each other’s movements.

Overall, this mattress offers exceptional value at an affordable price point – making it worth considering if you’re in the market for a new bed.


In conclusion, the Sealy Crown Jewel Cherry Opal Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep. It has all of the features one could want in a mattress including advanced foam technology, superior motion isolation, and adjustable support. Additionally, its unique cherry opal design offers enhanced breathability and temperature regulation that help ensure a restful slumber.

With this mattress you can be sure to enjoy a deep sleep every night.

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