Sealy Falkner Cushion Firm Mattress: A Firm Comfort

The Sealy Falkner Cushion Firm Mattress is a medium-firm mattress that features layers of foam and gel memory foam. This mattress offers targeted support with pocket coil technology, allowing your spine to remain in its natural alignment while you sleep. The middle layer of the mattress also contains an innovative cooling system designed to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

It also has a quilt top for added comfort, as well as reinforced edges for increased durability and stability. With this cushion firm design, you can enjoy excellent back and body support without feeling overly stiff or uncomfortable.

If you’re looking for a mattress that balances comfort and support, the Sealy Falkner Cushion Firm Mattress is definitely worth considering. This mattress features advanced coil technology and an extra-thick layer of cushioning to ensure maximum comfort while still providing firm support. It also includes adjustable lumbar support so you can customize your sleeping experience further.

The Sealy Falkner Cushion Firm Mattress is perfect if you want a comfortable sleep experience without sacrificing on back health.

Sealy Falkner Cushion Firm Mattress


What is Mattress Firm Vs Cushion Firm?

Mattress firmness is an important factor to consider when purchasing a mattress, as it affects comfort levels and how long the mattress will last. Mattress firmness is generally rated on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. A mattress that is considered “mattress firm” would be one that falls between 5-7 on this scale, while a “cushion firm” mattress would fall between 8-10 on the same scale.

Cushion Firm mattresses are typically more supportive than Mattress Firm mattresses, as they feature more reinforced materials such as coils and latex foam in order to provide additional support throughout your body.

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Which is the Firmest Sealy Mattress?

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Cobalt Firm mattress is widely considered to be the firmest Sealy mattress available. This mattress combines high-grade memory foam and advanced pocketed coils for a supportive, yet comfortable sleeping surface. The hybrid design allows the memory foam to contour to the body while providing superior support from the individually wrapped steel coils beneath it.

Additionally, this model features an extra-firm core with reinforced edges that provide additional edge support and stability throughout the night. Whether you’re looking for a firmer sleep experience or just need extra support for your back and joints, this mattress is sure to deliver!

What Does Cushion Firm Mean on Mattress?

Cushion firm mattress is a term used to describe a medium-firm comfort level that falls between plush and extra firm mattresses. It offers more support than the plush mattress but not as much as an extra firm mattress. Cushion firm mattresses are made with layers of foam, latex or other materials, such as individually wrapped coils, all tailored to provide balanced body contouring while providing plenty of lumbar support.

This type of mattress can be beneficial for sleepers who need some cushioning yet still want overall stability on their bed surface. Additionally, cushion firm beds are popular with combination sleepers because they offer enough flexibility for side sleeping without sacrificing back support when sleeping on your stomach or back.

What is Cushion Firm Vs Plush?

Cushion firm and plush are two common types of mattress that vary in terms of the level of firmness they provide. A cushion firm mattress is one that provides a medium level of support, with some give to it when you lie on it. It offers more than just a flat surface, but isn’t as soft or forgiving as other mattresses can be.

Plush mattresses, on the other hand, offer much softer comfort while maintaining good levels of support and pressure relief. They tend to be softer than cushion firm beds due to their extra layer(s) of foam or fiberfill materials used in construction. Ultimately, which type you choose will depend on your own preferences for comfort and support; however, generally speaking cushion firm is usually better for back sleepers whereas plush tends to be best for side sleepers who need more contouring from their mattress.

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Best Sealy Mattress In 2023 – Top 10 Sealy Mattress Review

Sealy Heraldry Mattress

The Sealy Heraldry Mattress is a luxurious mattress that provides superior comfort and support for the perfect night’s sleep. It features an advanced coil system with individually wrapped coils, providing zoned support and conforming back support for optimal spinal alignment. The mattress also has a breathable memory foam layer to provide cushioning pressure relief and cooling comfort.

This combined with its high-density edge foam provides superior durability, meaning you can enjoy your Sealy Heraldry Mattress for years to come.


In conclusion, the Sealy Falkner Cushion Firm Mattress is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and comfortable mattress. It offers superior support due to its many layers of foam and individually wrapped coils, providing users with a good night’s sleep. The mattress also comes with an impressive 10-year warranty that ensures peace of mind.

With all these features in one product, it’s no wonder why the Sealy Falkner Cushion Firm Mattress has become so popular among consumers over the years.

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