Serta Secluded Oaks Mattress: A Secluded Sleep

The Serta Secluded Oaks mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines pocketed coil and memory foam technologies to provide superior comfort and support. The pocketed coils help contour the body and reduce motion transfer, while the memory foam provides pressure relief for joint discomfort. This mattress also features an exclusive Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam which helps regulate temperature by providing enhanced breathability.

Additionally, this mattress has a reinforced edge which allows users to sleep near the edge without sacrificing stability or comfort. It’s also designed with FlameGuard Protection so it meets all federal flammability standards. Overall, the Serta Secluded Oaks Mattress offers exceptional comfort combined with ultimate support in one luxurious package.

The Serta Secluded Oaks Mattress is a luxurious and comfortable mattress that offers superior support, exceptional comfort, and superior quality. It features a unique combination of advanced materials such as individually wrapped coils, high-density foam layers, and cooling gel memory foam to provide the ultimate in pressure relief and contouring for an enhanced sleep experience. Its premium breathable fabric cover also helps keep you cool throughout the night.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade from your current mattress or just want something plush and cozy to rest your head on at night, the Serta Secluded Oaks Mattress is sure to provide you with years of comfort and satisfaction.

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Serta Secluded Oaks Mattress


Which Serta Mattress is Best for Motion Isolation?

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Hybrid Mattress is one of the best choices for motion isolation. This hybrid mattress features a combination of individually pocketed coils and comfort foams that create an ultra-responsive sleep surface with superior motion separation. The individually pocketed coils provide a sturdy base layer, while layers of memory foam and gel-infused foam work together to absorb and isolate movement across the bed.

Additionally, this hybrid model also features Serta’s Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam to help keep you cool throughout the night by dispersing heat away from your body. If you’re looking for excellent motion isolation in a luxurious mattress, then the Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Hybrid Mattress should be at the top of your list.

Does the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Have Springs in It?

Yes, the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress does have springs in it. This mattress features a layer of 886 individually wrapped coils that offer superior support to help reduce motion transfer across the bed while ensuring exceptional comfort and durability. The coil system also helps provide edge-to-edge support, so you get a better night’s sleep without any uncomfortable roll offs or sagging.

Additionally, this mattress is designed with an extra layer of foam at the top for added softness and pressure relief so you can drift off into dreamland with ease.

How Thick is a Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress?

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress is available in a range of thicknesses, from 8” to 14”. The 8″ mattress has two layers – a comfort layer of 1 inch Cool Twist Gel Foam and 7 inches of high-density foam for support. The 10″ version contains 2 inches of the same gel memory foam over 6 inches of support base, while the 12″ consists of 3 inches Cool Twist Gel Foam with 9 inches base support. Lastly, the 14″ mattress has 4 inches Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam plus an additional 10 inch layer for extra cushioning. Depending on your sleeping preferences and body type, you can choose the right thickness that suits you best!

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How Many Coils Does a Serta Perfect Sleeper Have?

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress is available in a variety of models, but all offer between 536 and 886 individually wrapped coils. The variation depends on the size of the bed – each model offers an increasing number of coils as the size increases. For example, a Twin or Full-sized mattress contains 536 individually wrapped coils while Queen and King sizes contain 704 and 886 respectively.

These individually pocketed springs are designed to provide superior support that responds to your body’s unique shape while minimizing motion transfer across the surface of the bed.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a popular mattress designed to provide comfort and support throughout the night. It offers an individually wrapped coil system that contours to your body’s shape and weight, providing targeted support where you need it most. The mattress also features Cool Twist Gel Foam, which helps regulate temperature while providing pressure relief and enhanced breathability.

With these features combined, the Serta Perfect Sleeper ensures a restful sleep all night long.


This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of the Serta Secluded Oaks Mattress. From its innovative cooling gel memory foam to its supportive pocket coil system, it is clear that this mattress offers impressive comfort and support for sleepers of all types. The generous 120-night trial period gives customers plenty of time to decide if the mattress is right for them, making it a great choice for those looking for an exceptional sleep experience at an affordable price.

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