Siena Mattress California King: The Perfect Balance of Comfort and Support

The Siena Mattress California King is a luxury mattress designed for superior comfort and support. It features a combination of responsive memory foam, cooling gel beads, hypoallergenic cashmere fabric, and individually wrapped coils for unparalleled pressure relief. The mattress is specifically engineered to contour to the body’s curves while still providing superior lumbar support.

Additionally, its breathable design helps keep you cool during sleep by dissipating heat away from the body throughout the night. This 12-inch thick mattress offers an ideal balance between softness and firmness that makes it perfect for any type of sleeper.

Sleeping on the Siena mattress California King is an experience like no other. This luxurious bed offers a unique combination of comfort and support, ensuring that you get the best night’s sleep every time. It features seven layers of comfort-enhancing foam, providing exceptional pressure relief and support while minimizing motion transfer between partners.

Additionally, its breathable cover keeps you cool during hot summer nights so you can stay comfortable all night long. With this mattress, it’s easy to see why it has quickly become one of the most sought-after mattresses in California!

Siena Mattress Amazon

The Siena Mattress from Amazon is one of the top rated mattresses on the market. It is made with a unique combination of supportive foam layers and breathable cooling technology to provide superior comfort and support for a restful sleep. This mattress features CertiPUR-US certified foams, which are free from harmful chemicals or materials, so you can be sure that your mattress will last for years to come.

Plus, this mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty for added peace of mind when making your purchase.

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Siena Mattress Return

If you’re not satisfied with your Siena mattress purchase, don’t worry! Returns are easy and hassle free. Simply reach out to their customer service team within 120 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange.

Keep in mind that the mattress must be unused and returned in its original packaging. Siena will cover all return shipping fees if the item is still under warranty.

Siena Mattress Review Reddit

Reddit is a great place to find honest reviews about Siena mattresses. Many Redditors have shared their experiences with the mattress, discussing everything from initial impressions to long-term comfort and durability. Overall, people seem to be very satisfied with their Siena mattress purchase and recommend it as an excellent option for those looking for good quality at an affordable price.

Where is Siena Mattress Made

Siena Mattress is proudly made in the USA with high-quality materials sourced from all over the world. The mattresses are assembled and produced at their factory in Wisconsin, then shipped directly to customers. Siena Mattress uses only CertiPUR-US certified foams that have been tested for safety and durability to ensure that you get a restful sleep every night.

Does Siena Mattress Have Fiberglass

No, Siena Mattress does not have fiberglass. Instead, they use natural and recycled materials like organic cotton and polyester as well as CertiPUR-US certified foam in their mattresses to provide comfort and support. They also offer a range of mattress options so you can find the perfect fit for your sleeping needs.

Siena Mattress California King


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Is Siena Mattress the Same As Nectar?

No, Siena mattress and Nectar are two separate mattresses. The Siena is a hybrid mattress that has a top layer of memory foam and an innerspring support system. It also includes a layer of cooling gel foam to help regulate temperature during sleep.

Meanwhile, the Nectar mattress is all-foam with layers of memory foam and high-density polyfoam for comfort and support. Both mattresses offer great pressure relief but the construction materials are very different which results in some differences in feel as well as overall performance.

How Firm is the Siena Mattress?

The Siena mattress is a medium-firm mattress that offers balanced support and comfort. It features layers of breathable foam, including memory foam and pocketed innersprings, which provide contouring support while keeping the mattress feeling cool. The top layer consists of a 2” layer of ultra-soft gel memory foam to give you an extra cushiony feel without sacrificing support.

Underneath this is a 1” layer of transition foam, followed by 7” individually wrapped coils for targeted lumbar support. All these layers work together to create a firm yet comfortable sleep surface that can accommodate all sleeping positions. Additionally, the Siena Mattress comes with edge reinforcement for increased stability and durability so you can rest assured it will hold up over time!

Does Siena Mattress Need Box Spring?

No, the Siena mattress does not need a box spring. It is designed to be used on any flat surface such as the floor or a platform bed frame. The mattress’s advanced support system allows it to provide pressure relief and spinal alignment without needing extra support from a box spring.

That said, you can use one if desired – just make sure that your bed frame has firm center support so that it doesn’t sag in the middle when using a box spring with your Siena mattress.

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What is the Best California King Bed for Heavy Person?

When it comes to finding the best California King bed for a heavy person, there are two main factors to consider: support and comfort. When shopping for a mattress, you want one that will provide enough support so that your body’s weight is evenly distributed across the surface of the bed and won’t cause any pressure points or pain. A good option is an innerspring mattress with individually encased coils, as these offer maximum support while minimizing motion transfer between partners.

Additionally, look for mattresses with high-density foam layers like memory foam or latex foam; these provide extra cushioning and contour to your body shape without sacrificing support. Finally, when it comes to comfort, make sure you find a mattress that suits your sleeping preferences – whether you prefer firmer mattresses or softer beds – so you can achieve restful sleep every night.

Siena King Mattress – Memory Foam 10″ – Medium Firm – 180 Night Trial – 5 Premium review


The Siena mattress California King is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bedding. It offers superior comfort, support, and durability that can withstand the test of time. The quality materials used ensure that you’ll get many years of use out of your mattress with no issues or defects.

With excellent motion isolation capabilities and cooling properties, this mattress provides a luxurious night’s sleep every single time. With its competitive price point, the Siena mattress California King is an ideal option for those seeking a high-quality product with value in mind.


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