Spring O Pedic Mattress – The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Support

A Spring O Pedic mattress is a type of hybrid mattress that combines innerspring coils with foam padding. It offers the contouring support and pressure relief of a memory foam mattress, while also providing the traditional bounce that people expect from an innerspring mattress. The spring coils are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer between partners, so you won’t be disturbed if your partner moves around during sleep.

In addition, it has a strong edge support system which helps maintain the shape of the bed over time and allows you to use every inch of space on the surface comfortably. This type of mattress is great for people who want both comfort and support combined into one product without sacrificing either quality or performance.

If you’re looking for a mattress that provides the perfect combination of comfort and support, check out the Spring O Pedic Mattress. This hybrid mattress combines memory foam and individually-wrapped coils which offer superior pressure point relief while providing optimal spinal alignment. Not only is it designed to reduce tossing and turning, but its high quality construction helps ensure durability so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep night after night.

Plus, its breathable fabric cover allows air to circulate freely so you always wake up feeling refreshed.

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Spring O Pedic Mattress

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What is a Spring O Pedic Mattress

A Spring-O-Pedic mattress is a type of mattress that uses spring coils as its support system, along with layers of foam and other materials. The springs provide extra cushioning and support while the foam layers help to conform to your body shape for superior comfort. Spring-O-Pedic mattresses are designed to be durable and long lasting, providing exceptional value for money.

They’re ideal for people who need extra back or joint support during sleep, or those who just want a more comfortable mattress overall.

Spring O Pedic Mattresses are Hybrid Foam And Pocket-Coil Mattresses That Feature Individually Wrapped Coils for Superior Support, Cooling Gel Memory Foam for Comfort, And Reinforced Lumbar Zone Technology to Provide Extra Back Support

Spring O Pedic mattresses are some of the most comfortable and supportive hybrid foam and pocket-coil mattresses on the market. They are designed to provide superior support from top to bottom, with individually wrapped coils that prevent motion transfer between sleep partners, cooling gel memory foam for pressure point relief and comfort, and a reinforced lumbar zone technology to provide extra back support where you need it most. As an added bonus, many Spring O Pedic models also feature antimicrobial properties that help protect against dust mites, bacteria, mold, mildew and other allergens.

With these features combined in one mattress design, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting optimal support while sleeping soundly through the night!

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How Long Does It Take to Break in My New Spring O Pedic Mattress

It can take up to a few weeks for your new Spring O Pedic mattress to fully break in and become comfortable. During this process, the springs may need some time to adjust and settle into their correct shape, while the body-contouring foam layers adapt to your body’s contours. It is important that you use the mattress regularly during this period of time so that it adjusts properly, as sleeping on it infrequently will significantly delay the breaking in process.

Additionally, make sure you rotate or flip your mattress according to manufacturer instructions every few months so that its wear is even across both sides and comfort levels are consistent over time.

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Depending on the Individual Sleeper’S Preferences, Most People Report Feeling Fully Adjusted After About Two Weeks of Sleeping on Their New Mattress

When it comes to adjusting to a new mattress, it typically takes two weeks for most people to feel fully adjusted. During this time, the body is learning how to sleep in a different way and adjust itself accordingly. It can take longer or shorter depending on the individual sleeper’s preferences and comfort level with their new bedding situation.

Some may need more time before they reach full adjustment while others might be able to make the transition faster. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not feeling comfortable after two weeks of sleeping on your new mattress, then consider trying something else until you find one that works best for you.

Q Does the Spring O Pedic Come With a Warranty

Yes, the Spring O Pedic comes with a warranty. The mattress is backed by a 10-year limited warranty that covers any defects in workmanship or materials and ensures that your mattress will perform as expected under normal use. This warranty also includes protection against sagging due to normal wear and tear within the first two years of ownership.

If you experience a manufacturing defect at any time within the 10-year period, they provide free repairs or replacement of your mattress at their discretion.

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress – Which Is Best?

Spring Pedic Mattress

A spring pedic mattress is a great choice for those looking for luxurious comfort and long-lasting support. This type of mattress features individual pocket springs that provide superior body contouring, pressure relief, and motion isolation. It also has layers of high-density foam that cradles the body while providing excellent spinal alignment.

The result is an incredibly comfortable sleep experience with fewer aches and pains in the morning.


In conclusion, the Spring O Pedic Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality mattress that offers superior support and comfort. It uses advanced technology to provide superior pressure relief and temperature regulation while remaining affordable. With its innovative design, breathable materials, and supportive layers of foam, it is sure to keep you sleeping soundly night after night.

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