Stratus Hybrid Mattress

The Stratus Hybrid Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines the traditional comfort of memory foam with the support of individually-wrapped coils. It features a 3” layer of cooling gel memory foam, 8″ pocketed microcoils for targeted pressure relief and enhanced motion isolation, and 4″ base layer to provide stability and core body support. The quilted top cover has an extra plush feel while also providing breathability.

This mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions due to its combination of both cushioning and contouring materials. Its temperature regulating properties help keep sleepers cool during hot summer nights as well as warm during colder temperatures in winter months. Additionally, it includes a 20 year limited warranty backing up its quality construction.

The Stratus Hybrid mattress is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a supportive sleep experience. Combining layers of responsive foam and individually pocketed coils, this hybrid mattress offers exceptional comfort with firm support. Its cooling technology adds extra breathability to help keep you cool while you sleep, while its edge-to-edge support helps reduce motion transfer so that even if your partner moves around during the night you won’t be disturbed.

With an affordable price point and free shipping, the Stratus Hybrid mattress is hard to beat!

Anti Decubitus Hybrid mattress Stratus by Bos Medical International BV

What are the Negatives to a Hybrid Mattress?

The main downside to a hybrid mattress is its cost. Hybrid mattresses typically have higher price tags than traditional mattresses due to their complexity, and the fact that they contain multiple materials. Additionally, depending on what type of foam and coils are used in the construction of the mattress, hybrid mattresses can be quite heavy and difficult to move or rotate without assistance.

Furthermore, hybrid mattresses may not provide as much pressure relief as other types of beds because they don’t offer deep contouring like memory foam does; this means that those with chronic pain might not find enough comfort from a hybrid mattress. Finally, some users may experience more motion transfer if one partner moves around during sleep since hybrids often feature pocketed coils instead of continuous ones – meaning each coil is separate from one another in order to reduce noise levels but also increasing movement isolation between partners.

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Who Makes the Stratus Mattress?

The Stratus mattress is made by the American company, Brooklyn Bedding. Founded in 1995, the company designs and manufactures its own mattresses from start to finish at its facilities located in Phoenix, Arizona. They have a commitment to craftsmanship that drives their production process – from high-grade foam and latex materials sourced domestically to cutting-edge cooling technology like copper infusion and air channels incorporated into their mattresses.

The Stratus mattress is designed with balanced comfort layers of foam providing enhanced support while promoting exceptional breathability for improved temperature control throughout the night.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Any Good?

Hybrid mattresses are great for those looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress. Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of both innerspring and foam designs, with coils providing support and comfort layers that help reduce motion transfer. The combination of materials also helps to provide better breathability than either of these materials alone, meaning hybrid mattresses can be cool and comfortable during hot summer nights.

Additionally, some hybrid mattresses come with additional features such as lumbar support or cooling gel foam to provide extra comfort and pressure relief. All in all, hybrid mattresses offer a variety of benefits that make them an excellent option for those seeking a good night’s sleep.

What is a Hybrid Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a combination of both innerspring and foam materials. It combines the support of innersprings with the comfort and contouring of memory foam, giving you superior pressure relief, motion isolation, and body-contouring properties. Hybrid mattresses also tend to be more durable than all-foam or all-innerspring beds due to their construction; they typically use higher quality foams that are designed to last longer.

Additionally, some hybrid models feature cooling technologies such as gel memory foam or copper-infused foams for even greater temperature regulation while sleeping.

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Stratus Hybrid Mattress


Cloudtech Mattress Reviews

Cloudtech mattresses have received great reviews from customers, with many citing their comfort and quality as the major contributors to satisfaction. The mattresses are made of memory foam and other materials that provide a supportive yet plush sleeping surface for all types of sleepers. Many reviews also mention how Cloudtech’s customer service team is excellent at helping customers find the right mattress for them, which can make it easier to get the perfect fit without having to try multiple options in-store.

Cloudtech Stratus Mattress

Cloudtech Stratus Mattress is a unique mattress that provides superior comfort and support. It features multiple layers of foam, including a top layer of gel-infused memory foam for contouring pressure relief and comfort. The middle layers are made with high-density polyfoam to provide enhanced durability and stability while the bottom layer is constructed from specialised firm coil springs that help to promote airflow and create a supportive base.

This hybrid mattress also offers an impressive 10 year warranty which makes it great value for money.

Cloudtech Nimbus Mattress Reviews

The Cloudtech Nimbus mattress is a popular choice for those looking for comfort and support. Reviews of the mattress have been overwhelmingly positive, with many users citing its pressure-relieving capabilities, breathability and cooling properties as major advantages. Customers also praise the mattress’s ability to provide an optimal level of support in all sleeping positions regardless of body type or size.

With its superior design, quality materials and affordable price point, it’s no wonder that the Cloudtech Nimbus has become such a hit among sleepers!

Sit And Sleep Mattress Brands

Sit & Sleep mattress brands are designed to provide comfort and support while also promoting healthy, restful sleep. These mattresses use high-quality materials such as memory foam, gel foam, latex foam, and pocketed coils that work together to create ultimate comfort for any sleeper. With their wide range of sizes and styles available, you can find the perfect mattress for your individual needs.

Additionally, Sit & Sleep offers a 10-year warranty on all their products so that customers have complete assurance in their purchase!

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Pristine Mattress

Pristine Mattress is a revolutionary new mattress designed to provide superior comfort and support. It has three layers of individually wrapped coils, plus a layer of proprietary foam that provides excellent contouring capabilities. The mattress also features cooling technology with copper-infused fabric to keep you cool at night.

Additionally, it’s hypoallergenic for those who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivity. Finally, the Pristine Mattress offers a generous 20-year warranty so you can sleep soundly knowing your purchase is protected.

Serta Cloud 9 Mattress

The Serta Cloud 9 mattress is an ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious night’s sleep. The mattress features layers of foam and individually wrapped coils that contour to your body while providing superior support. It also has a quilting layer made with temperature-regulating gel memory foam, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

With its unique combination of comfort, durability, and affordability, the Serta Cloud 9 is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their sleeping experience.

Perfect Comfort Mattress

Perfect Comfort Mattress is a high-quality mattress that offers superior comfort and support. It features advanced memory foam technology, which helps to evenly distribute body weight across the bed for maximum comfort. The mattress also has a breathable design, so you won’t get too hot or too cold while sleeping.

Additionally, Perfect Comfort Mattress comes with an impressive 10 year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your investment will be protected for years to come.

Sioux Falls Mattress

Sioux Falls Mattress offers a great selection of mattresses to meet your individual needs. They specialize in providing quality, comfortable, and affordable products that are designed to provide you with the best sleep possible. All their products feature high-grade materials and advanced technologies that guarantee superior comfort and support.

The store also offers financing options so you can get the mattress of your dreams without breaking the bank!


The Stratus Hybrid Mattress is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a luxurious, comfortable and supportive sleep surface. Its combination of pocket springs and foam layers make it perfectly suited for all sleeping positions and preferences. On top of that, its natural materials provide superior breathability to ensure an optimal temperature throughout the night.

The mattress also has a 10-year warranty offering peace of mind in terms of quality assurance. All these factors combined show why the Stratus Hybrid Mattress is one of the best on the market today!

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