The Revolutionary Therapedic Innergy 2 Mattress

The Therapedic Innergy 2 Mattress is a great choice for those looking for superior comfort and pressure relief. It features advanced memory foam technology, which conforms to the body’s curves while providing targeted support where it’s needed most. The mattress also includes high-density foams that help relieve pressure points and provide excellent cushioning.

Additionally, the mattress has a unique air flow system that helps keep sleepers cool throughout the night by moving heat away from the body. Its 9″ profile makes this mattress ideal for side sleepers who need extra cushioning in their hips and shoulders, as well as back sleepers who require more lumbar support. All in all, the Therapedic Innergy 2 is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking comfort and optimal spinal alignment at an affordable price point.

The Therapedic Innergy 2 Mattress is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a comfortable night’s sleep. Featuring an innovative combination of memory foam, latex and support coils, this mattress provides superior comfort with pressure relief technology that helps reduce tossing and turning throughout the night. The unique air flow design ensures breathability to keep you cool and refreshed all night long.

With its superior construction and materials, this mattress promises to provide years of luxurious comfort and reliable support.

Therapedic Innergy 2 Mattress


Is Therapeutic Mattress Good?

Therapeutic mattresses are a great choice for people who suffer from chronic pain or discomfort. They provide targeted support and help to reduce pressure points, allowing the body to relax while sleeping. Additionally, they can be beneficial in promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing tossing and turning during sleep.

Therapeutic mattresses come in a variety of materials including memory foam, latex, hybrid coils, air beds and waterbeds so you can find one that suits your individual needs best. Whether you’re looking for extra cushioning or just want to invest in something luxurious – therapeutic mattresses offer a wide range of benefits that make them an excellent investment for those dealing with chronic pain or seeking improved comfort while sleeping.

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Why Don T They Make Double Sided Mattresses Anymore?

Double sided mattresses used to be the industry standard. However, they have become increasingly difficult to find in recent years due to their complexity compared with single-sided models. Double sided mattresses require more materials and are harder to construct, meaning production costs can be significantly higher than for a single-sided mattress.

Additionally, double sided mattresses require flipping on a regular basis which is often inconvenient for consumers and may reduce the lifespan of the mattress overall. Single-sided mattresses on the other hand provide an easier care experience as they don’t need flipping or rotating – making them much simpler and cheaper to produce.

Is Therapedic a Memory Foam?

Yes, Therapedic is a memory foam mattress. It is designed to provide maximum comfort and support while helping you get a good night’s rest. The memory foam technology used in the construction of this mattress helps it contour to your body shape so that it relieves pressure points and keeps your spine aligned.

It also prevents motion transfer, which means that if someone moves on one side of the bed, it won’t disturb the person sleeping on the other side.

What Does 2 Sided Mattress Mean?

A two-sided mattress is one that has two sleeping surfaces, as opposed to a single-sided mattress which only has one. Two-sided mattresses are designed to be flipped over periodically, usually every six months or so, in order to ensure an even wear and tear of the materials used in its construction. This helps the mattress last longer and provides more balanced support than a one-sided model.

Additionally, flipping a two sided mattress can provide new comfort levels as the different sides feature varying feels of firmness and cushioning. Generally speaking, two sided mattresses tend to be slightly higher quality than their single sided counterparts due to this extra level of maintenance required for optimal performance.

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Therapedic Innergy Mattress Reviews

Therapedic Innergy mattresses have consistently received excellent reviews from customers for their comfort, support and overall quality. The mattress’ combination of memory foam and coils make it ideal for those who prefer a slightly firm feel, while its ventilation system ensures that sleepers stay cool throughout the night. Additionally, Therapedic’s use of luxurious materials like bamboo charcoal and silk in its construction provide an added level of luxury to the sleeping experience.

With so many satisfied customers praising this mattress, it is easy to see why Therapedic Innergy mattresses are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices on the market today.


In conclusion, the Therapedic Innergy 2 Mattress is an excellent mattress choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. It’s made with high-end materials that provide superior comfort and temperature regulation, as well as helping to alleviate pressure points. Additionally, it comes in multiple sizes so you can get one that perfectly fits your needs.

With its long-lasting durability and great value for money, this mattress will be a great investment for years to come!

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