Find Out Where Nap Queen Mattresses are Made

Nap Queen Mattresses are made in Canada. The mattresses are constructed using high quality and durable materials sourced from Canadian suppliers. Each mattress is handmade with attention to detail by the Nap Queen team of certified mattress makers.

All of their products are designed to meet stringent safety standards, and each one is tested for durability, comfort, and breathability before being shipped out for sale. The company also has a strict environmental policy which ensures that all their production processes have minimal impact on the environment while still providing an excellent product at an affordable price point.

Nap Queen mattresses are proudly made in the USA, with their components and materials sourced from American suppliers. Each mattress is handcrafted by experienced artisans who use quality foams and fabrics to provide superior comfort, support, and durability. All Nap Queen mattresses come with a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

With free shipping on all orders plus a 100-night sleep trial, it’s easy to see why more Americans are turning to Nap Queen for their perfect night’s rest!

Where are Nap Queen Mattresses Made


Are Nap Queen Mattresses Safe?

Nap Queen mattresses are designed with safety in mind, and they use only the highest quality materials to ensure that their customers can sleep soundly. They guarantee that all of their mattresses undergo rigorous testing for fire-retardant chemicals, so you can be sure your mattress is safe from any potential hazards. In addition, every Nap Queen mattress comes with a 10-year warranty on workmanship and material defects, giving you added peace of mind about your purchase.

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Do Nap Queen Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

No, Nap Queen mattresses do not contain fiberglass. Instead, they are made from a combination of high-density polyfoam and pocket coils for superior comfort and support. The mattress also features a layer of breathable memory foam that contours to the body for additional pressure relief.

Additionally, each mattress is covered with a soft knit cover that helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. All these materials work together to provide an optimal sleep experience without any potentially harmful chemicals or fibers like fiberglass in their construction.

Who is the Owner of Napqueen?

NapQueen is owned and operated by Megan O’Neil, a sleep and productivity expert from Los Angeles. She has been blogging about all things related to sleep and productivity since 2017. After launching her blog, she created NapQueen with the mission of helping people get better rest, so they can be more productive in their lives.

Megan’s research-backed advice on topics such as improving your sleep environment for maximum comfort, setting up an effective bedtime routine, understanding why you need quality rest to succeed in life and much more have made her a trusted resource in the industry.

How Long Does It Take for a Nap Queen Mattress to Expand?

Once you have your Nap Queen mattress delivered to your home, it typically takes between 24 and 48 hours for the mattress to fully expand. During this time, the memory foam will be decompressing and slowly regaining its full shape and size. It’s important not to jump on your mattress during this time as that can interfere with the expansion process.

Once expanded, you should enjoy many years of comfort from your new bed!

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What were Mattresses Made of in the 1980S?

In the 1980s, mattresses were typically made of polyurethane foam or a combination of cotton and steel coils. Polyurethane foam was found to be an ideal material for mattresses due to its ability to provide comfort while still offering support. It was also more affordable than other materials that could have been used in mattress production.

The steel coils provided additional support and durability, allowing the mattress to keep its shape over time. In addition, some manufacturers would combine these two materials with layers of batting and quilting for extra cushioning, making sure that people had a comfortable sleep experience every night.

Best Nap Queen Memory Foam Mattress [Reviews In 2023 ]

Nap Queen Mattress Reviews

The Nap Queen Mattress is getting rave reviews from customers for its unique combination of comfort and affordability. Customers have reported that the mattress is firm but not too hard, providing them with just the right amount of support while still allowing them to sink into a comfortable sleep. With cooling technology, edge support, and a lifetime warranty, it’s easy to see why the Nap Queen Mattress has earned such high marks from those who’ve tried it out!


In conclusion, Nap Queen mattresses are made in the United States and Canada. Because they are produced locally, customers can be sure that their mattress will meet the highest standards of quality and comfort. Furthermore, with a focus on sustainability, these mattresses offer an environmentally friendly choice for those looking to purchase a new mattress.

With such great features and benefits, it’s easy to see why Nap Queen has become one of the top mattress brands in North America.

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